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Key Benefits

Bright, Versatile Illumination

The bright, uniform output of the WLB72 reduces shadows, improves visibility, and gives workers the light they need to work efficiently and without making mistakes.

A diffuse window minimizes eye strain and eliminates hotspots, and translucent endcaps enable users to create a continuous line of light for a more seamless aesthetic.  With 0-10V dimming, users can personalize light levels to their preferred brightness. 

Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Design

The WLB72 Basic strip light is an energy-efficient device with an output of 130 lumens per watt.  Like all Banner lights, the WLB72 Basic features a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and provides years of reliable, maintenance-free operation—with no bulb or ballast changes required throughout the entire lifespan of the device. 

Quick, Easy Installation

WLB72 strip lights seamlessly replace bulky fluorescent lights and easily install into existing infrastructure. The bright light output allows users to install fewer lights total, reducing installation time and costs.  

All models are cascadable, simplifying installation and wiring for additional ease-of-use.  Integral mounting options and add-on brackets (sold separately) meet a wide variety of application requirements.

Compatible with Backup Batteries for Emergency Lighting

Each WLB72 work light is compatible with a back-up battery (sold separately) for emergency lighting during power outages. 


WLB72 strip lights are ideal in industries that require uniform illumination, such as automotive, material handling, and general manufacturing. These bright lights improve safety, productivity, and quality in a wide variety of applications including: 

  • Assembly line illumination 
  • Inspection lighting
  • Workstation and robot work cell illumination
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WLB72 Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas
WLB72 Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas

The WLB72 strip light enhances overall visibility, improves worker productivity, and reduces energy costs in a variety of applications requiring bright, uniform illumination.

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