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  1. Banner Insider: February 9, 2017
    9 Feb 2017

    What's the Best Type of Sensor for Clear Object Detection?

  2. Banner Insider: December 15, 2016
    15 Dec 2016

    What's the Forecast for Vision Sensing?

  3. Banner Insider: November 23, 2016
    23 Nov 2016

    Each Day We Find New & Better Ways to Solve Challenging Applications

  4. Banner Insider: November 10, 2016
    10 Nov 2016

    Protective Cover Expands Application Possibilities for E-Stop Buttons

  5. Banner Insider: October 27, 2016
    27 Oct 2016

    VIDEO: A New Solution for Liquid Level Sensing Applications

  6. Banner Insider: October 12, 2016
    12 Oct 2016

    Single-Sensor Solution Solves Even More Applications

  7. Banner Engineering Expands Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Offering With Compact, Flush Mount Models
    4 Oct 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—October 4, 2016—Banner Engineering has added flush mount housings to its rugged, industry-leading series of Q4X laser distance measurement sensors. The new flush mount configuration offers a more compact housing to expand applications and increase mounting flexibility in constrained spaces.

  8. Banner Insider: September 27, 2016
    27 Sep 2016

    New! Plug & Play Solution Simplifies Remote & Mobile Asset Monitoring

  9. Banner Insider: September 15, 2016
    15 Sep 2016

    Fast, Effective & Easy-to-Use Clear Object Detection for High-Speed Applications

  10. NEW Banner Engineering K50U Ultrasonic Sensor Features Plug-and-Play Compatibility for Wireless Tank Level Monitoring
    15 Sep 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—September 15, 2016—Banner Engineering has introduced their Sure Cross® U-GAGE® K50U Ultrasonic Sensor for use in wireless tank monitoring applications. Optimized for use with Banner’s Q45U Wireless Node, the pair provide a cost effective, plug-and-play solution to monitor levels in mobile or remotely located tanks and totes.

  11. Banner Insider: August 16, 2016
    16 Aug 2016

    Power, Versatility & Ease for Vision-Based Applications + A New Way to Compare Products

  12. Banner Insider: August 3, 2016
    3 Aug 2016

    Have You Seen the New New Features, New Capabilities

  13. Banner Insider: July 12, 2016
    12 Jul 2016

    Video: New LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensors

  14. Banner Engineering L-GAGE LTF Laser Measurement Sensor Provides Superior Durability and Precision Measurement
    12 Jul 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—July 12, 2016—Banner Engineering has expanded its family of L-GAGE® laser sensors with the new LTF Series. Featuring time-of-flight technology, the laser measurement sensor ensures accurate distance measurements out to 12 meters. By emitting a pulsed light, the LTF measures the amount of time for the light to reflect off the object and return to the sensor to calculate the distance. This enables sensing in long-range applications, including loop control, part presence or absence and fill level.

  15. Banner Insider: June 14, 2016
    14 Jun 2016

    Watch the Video of Our New & Easy-to-Use Smart Cameras!

  16. Banner Insider: May 24, 2016
    24 May 2016

    Take a Look! We Solve All Kinds of Problems on Assembly Machines

  17. Banner Insider: May 10, 2016
    10 May 2016

    Fastest Response Rates, World-Class Range: Easy-to-Use Fibers & Amps

  18. Banner Insider: April 26, 2016
    26 Apr 2016

    Monitor & Manage Mobile and Fixed Assets in Hard-to-Reach Locations

  19. Banner Insider: April 12, 2016
    12 Apr 2016

    How Easy Is It to Get More Reliable Fill Level Measurements?

  20. Banner Insider: March 22, 2016
    22 Mar 2016

    Assembly & Operator Guidance in Harsh or Messy Conditions? No Problem!

  21. Banner Engineering Next-Generation Touch Buttons Feature Smart Electric Field Sensing for Superior Immunity to False Triggering
    15 Mar 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—March 15, 2016—Banner Engineering introduces its next-generation touch buttons for its industry-recognized K30, K50 and K70 multicolor indicators and pick-to-light sensors. Employing smart electric field sensing, the next-generation touch buttons provide superior immunity to false triggering caused by the buildup of detergents, oils and other foreign materials, as well as exposure to direct water spray.

  22. Banner Insider: March 8, 2016
    8 Mar 2016

    What's New at Banner? New Production Plant, New Products, New Features, New Events

  23. Banner Engineering Opens Production Facility in San Luis Potosí, Mexico
    1 Mar 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—March 1, 2016—Banner Engineering announces the opening of a new production plant, located at the Millennium Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The new facility features 30,000 square feet of production space and 10,000 square feet of office space. It is designed to accommodate future growth with the ability to expand to 60,000 square feet and is projected to generate approximately 150-200 new jobs when fully built out.

  24. Banner Insider: February 23, 2016
    23 Feb 2016

    Dirt, Oil, Fish Slime... We Put Our Next Generation Touch Buttons to the Test

  25. Banner Engineering DF-G3 Fiber Amplifier Now Available With Analog Output to Satisfy Diverse Sensing Applications
    16 Feb 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—February 16, 2016—Banner Engineering announces its long-range DF-G3 fiber amplifier is now available with analog output. With world-class long range sensing capability, the DF-G3 can sense more than 3 meters (10 ft.) with opposed mode fibers or more than 1 meter (3 ft.) with diffuse mode fibers. The extra power, combined with its new analog output, enables the DF-G3 to provide increased detection reliability for contrast matching, intensity monitoring, web guiding, process monitoring of signal intensity and dense sensing point environments.

  26. Banner Insider: February 9, 2016
    9 Feb 2016

    Solution Profile: Detecting Colored Marker Cans on High Speed Line

  27. Banner Engineering Sure Cross® Wireless Controller Provides Superior Communication for Industrial Internet of Things Applications
    2 Feb 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—February 2, 2016—Banner Engineering introduces the Sure Cross® DXM100 industrial wireless controller, designed to facilitate communications for Ethernet connectivity or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Available with an internal Sure Cross DX80 Wireless Gateway or a MultiHop Data Radio, this powerful Modbus communications device reliably connects local wireless networks with the Internet and/or host systems.

  28. Banner Insider: January 26, 2016
    26 Jan 2016

    We hit it with a hammer, beat it, buried it... and the WLS27 still works! See what else we did.

  29. Banner Engineering Self-Contained Photoelectric Sensors Feature Robust Stainless Steel Housing for Harsh Industrial Environments
    19 Jan 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—January 19, 2016—Banner Engineering introduces its newM18-4 self-contained photoelectric sensors. Featuring robust IP69K-rated 316 stainless steel housing, the heavy-duty 18 mm metal barrel sensor is ideal for harsh industrial environments where abrasive chemicals and ingress fluid are present. Built with Advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology, the dc-operated M18-4 sensors are also resistant to fluorescent light and offer a high level of crosstalk avoidance.

  30. Banner Insider: January 12, 2016
    12 Jan 2016

    Starting the Year Right: Q4X Now Available with Dual Outputs and IO-Link

  31. Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available with Dual Outputs and IO-Link
    5 Jan 2016

    Minneapolis, MN—January 5, 2016—Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with dual discrete outputs and IO-Link configuration. Dual discrete outputs enable the Q4X to solve challenging high/low monitoring fill level or dancer arms applications, while IO-Link allows for remote configuration, sensor backup and easier preventative maintenance.

  32. Banner Insider: December 22, 2015
    22 Dec 2015

    2015: Another Big Year at Banner Engineering

  33. logo with r symbol
    8 Dec 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—December 8, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces its DF-G3 discrete long-range fiber amplifier with dual digital displays for use with plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies. Featuring increased sensing power, the DF-G3 can sense more than 3 meters (10 ft.) with opposed mode fibers or more than 1 meter (3 ft.) with diffuse mode fibers.

  34. Banner Insider: November 17, 2015
    27 Nov 2015

    Five Reasons to Choose the New EZ-SCREEN LS Light Screen

  35. Banner Engineering R-GAGE™ Radar Dual-Zone Sensor Provides Superior Detection of Moving and Stationary Targets
    25 Nov 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—November 24, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces a new Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar sensor for reliable detection of moving or stationary objects. Featuring a very narrow 11 by 13 degree beam pattern, the R-GAGE™ Q240 sensor is ideal for monitoring a specific area without detecting adjacent objects. With two independent adjustable sensing zones, the sensor provides far and near proximity warning signs with the capability to detect objects over 40 meters away.

  36. Verizon's ThingSpace Helps Winemaker Track Soil Conditions
    24 Nov 2015

    Banner wireless connects a California winemaker with critical environmental data from the vineyard.

  37. Banner Engineering Introduces Simple, Rugged Safety Light Screen with Enhanced Performance Features
    10 Nov 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—November 10, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-SCREEN® Light Screen (LS). This rugged, easy-to-use safety light screen is optimal for machine safeguarding and built to withstand challenging conditions found in manufacturing and packaging environments. With a lean, simple design and enhanced performance features, Banner’s EZ-SCREEN LS provides a cost-efficient light screen safety solution.

  38. Wireless Sensors for Applications in Impractical Locations
    3 Nov 2015

    Control Design magazine spoke with a panel of industry veterans, including our Tim Hazelton, about going wireless and powering wireless devices.

  39. Banner Insider: November 3, 2015
    3 Nov 2015

    New! Heavy Duty Safety Light Screens with High-Value Features

  40. Banner Insider: October 27, 2015
    27 Oct 2015

    New LED Strip Lights Resist Solvents, Cutting Oils & More

  41. Banner Engineering Rugged LED Strip Lights Solves Tough Lighting Applications in Harsh Environments
    27 Oct 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—October 27, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the WLS27 LED strip light. Featuring a durable aluminum internal structure and shatterproof, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shell, WLS27 LED strip lights are ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications and resist exposure to high-pressure, high-temperature water, solvents, cutting oils and a broad range of chemicals.

  42. Banner Insider: October 20, 2015
    20 Oct 2015

    What's New at Banner? New Products, New Applications

  43. Banner Engineering Self-Contained Photoelectric Sensors Now Available in Fixed-Field Sensing Mode
    13 Oct 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—October 13, 2015—Banner Engineering announces its next-generation S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series is now available in fixed-field background suppression mode configurations. The compact, self-contained sensors provide up to six detection ranges from 30 to 200 mm to satisfy diverse cost-sensitive and high-volume applications.

  44. Banner Insider: October 6, 2015
    6 Oct 2015

    Clear Object Detection Keeps Getting Easier!

  45. Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available in Models Exclusively for Clear Object Detection
    29 Sep 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—September 29, 2015—Banner Engineering’s industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available in models exclusively designed for clear object detection. Featuring a default clear object detection mode setting, the Q4X clear object model eliminates two-point, dynamic, foreground and background suppression mode.

  46. Banner Insider: September 22, 2015
    22 Sep 2015

    Distance + Intensity = Reliable Detection of Clear Objects

  47. Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available with Higher Resolution Models
    15 Sep 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—September 15, 2015—Banner Engineering announces its Q4X laser distance sensor is now available in new 100-mm models optimized for higher performance over a shorter measuring range. The Q4X high-resolution models offer twice the measurement precision and a 25 percent smaller laser spot than the longer range 300-mm Q4X models, making them ideal for detecting small features.

  48. Banner Insider: September 9, 2015
    9 Sep 2015

    What Will Your Safety Management Needs be Next Year?

  49. Banner Engineering Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor with Background Suppression Now Available in More Sensing Ranges
    1 Sep 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—September 1, 2015—Banner Engineering has expanded the maximum sensing range available for the Q3X laser contrast sensor with fixed background suppression. The Q3X now features four standard sensing ranges: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm with fixed background suppression technology, and a 300 mm model which uses standard intensity detection. The key innovation of the Q3X sensor is the combination of low-contrast detection within a defined sensing range.

  50. Banner Insider: August 25, 2015
    25 Aug 2015

    New Products & Machine Safeguarding Seminar

  51. Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Measurement Sensor Now Available in Analog Models
    18 Aug 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—August 18, 2015—Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with analog output. Featuring 4-20mA and 0-10 V output options, the Q4X analog models expand the variety of applications Banner’s Q4X laser distance sensor can solve, including fill level indication, part positioning, roll diameter, loop control and thickness/height verification.

  52. Banner Insider: August 11, 2015
    11 Aug 2015

    New Feature! Delay Timers Help Regulate Product Flow

  53. Banner Engineering Introduces Heavy-Duty Vantage Line Fiber Optics
    4 Aug 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—August 4, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces new heavy-duty Vantage Line fiber optics to complement its industry-recognized fiber amplifier product family. Featuring a flexible 304 stainless steel tube, the polyethylene jacketed plastic fiber is protected from crushing or abrasion in harsh industrial environments.

  54. Banner Insider: July 28, 2015
    28 Jul 2015

    Bigger, Brighter, Better Visual Management

  55. Banner Engineering TL70 Wireless Tower Light Provides Reliable Remote Monitoring and Visual Status Indication
    21 Jul 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—July 21, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the TL70 wireless tower light. Combining the company’s industry-recognized tower light family with its field-proven Sure Cross® wireless technology, the TL70 wireless tower light provides superior monitoring and visual status indication for remote applications, general and machine status, mobile call for parts, mobile work stations, and threshold sensing.

  56. Banner Insider: July 14, 2015
    14 Jul 2015

    Putting Fiber Optic Sensors to the Test, New Lighting Catalog & Semiconductor Solutions

  57. Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor with New Dual Mode Solves Clear Object Detection and Error-Proofing Applications
    7 Jul 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—July 7, 2015—Banner Engineering has improved its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor with a new dual teach mode. Featuring new firmware, the Q4X dual teach mode sensor combines window thresholds on both target distance and target reflected intensity, allowing the Q4X to reliably solve difficult applications with ease. The Q4X can now detect clear objects without requiring a retro-reflector.

  58. Banner Engineering Motion Detectors Provide Automated Light Switching
    23 Jun 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—June 23, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2MQ motion detector switch for automated lighting. Banner’s motion detector switches provide an efficient solution to automatically turn on or off the light in applications where a physical switch cannot be used or the placement of the switch is not useful.

  59. The Impact of Wireless Technology on Presence Sensors with Robots
    17 Jun 2015

    Control Design magazine speaks with Banner's Victor Caneff

  60. The Role of Presence Sensing in Collaborative Robot Applications
    17 Jun 2015

    Banner's Victor Caneff discusses robotics with Control Design's Mike Bacidore

  61. The Rise of Robots and the Enabling Sensing Technology
    12 Jun 2015

    Banner's business development manager for assembly and robotics, Victor Caneff recently spoke with Control Design magazine

  62. Banner Engineering Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor Provides Superior Machine Monitoring
    9 Jun 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—June 9, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces its wireless vibration and temperature sensor, Designed to effectively monitor machines for increases in vibration and temperature, the sensor measures RMS velocity in inches per second or millimeters per second, and temperature. This enables the sensor to identify machine problems before they become too severe and cause additional damage or result in unplanned down time.

  63. Smart Cameras Help Track Tobacco Boxes
    5 Jun 2015

    Using networked smart cameras, a vision system deployed at a cigarette manufacturer ensures that boxes of tobacco can be tracked through the supply chain.

  64. Banner Insider: June 2015
    1 Jun 2015

    Preventing Machine Failures: Condition Monitoring in Challenging Environments

  65. Banner Engineering Safety Limit Switches Provide Superior Interlocking and Position Monitoring for Industrial Applications
    26 May 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—May 26, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces its SI Series Safety Limit Switches, designed to effectively monitor the position of a wide variety of guards, gates, covers and other moveable machine fixtures and tooling. The SI Series is available in three models—SI-LM40, SI-LS31 and SI-LS83—offering various actuating systems, contact arrangements, housing and mounting configurations to satisfy diverse industrial applications. Banner’s SI Series feature a limit-switch style, compl

  66. Banner Engineering Introduces Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor with Fixed Background Suppression
    12 May 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—May 12—Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q3X laser contrast sensor is now available with fixed background suppression. Featuring contrast detection, plus fixed background suppression, the Q3X LD50 reliably detects targets within the desired sensing range while ignoring objects in the background.

  67. Packaging and Production: Embedded Vision System Performs Blister Pack Inspection
    5 May 2015

    Banner's LED linear array lights facilitate blister pack inspections and improve product quality

  68. Banner Insider: May 2015
    1 May 2015

    New Laser Contrast Sensor with Fixed Background Suppression, Industrial LED Light Bar

  69. Banner Engineering WLB92 Industrial LED Light Bar Provides Bright, Even Light for Increased Productivity
    28 Apr 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—April 28, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the WLB92 industrial LED light bar WLB92 industrial LED light bar . Featuring bright, high-quality and uniform light, the WLB92 is designed to increase worker productivity and ergonomics. With a rugged metal housing and shatterproof light cover, the WLB92 is optimal for a variety of industrial lighting applications including robotic work cell lighting and quality inspection, while having aesthetics suitable for an office environment.

  70. Banner Engineering L-GAGE® Dual Discrete Laser Sensors Provide Superior Performance for Challenging Applications
    31 Mar 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—March 31, 2015—Banner Engineering has expanded its L-GAGE® LE family of laser sensors with the LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete laser sensors. Designed with the same robust housing, intuitive interface and linear array technology as Banner’s analog models, the dual discrete laser sensors provide outstanding performance for challenging detection applications.

  71. What Does Your Sensing Application Require?
    20 Mar 2015

    Darryl Harrell offers insights to understanding how accurate and how precise a system needs to be.

  72. How to Hone Your Sensing Applications
    18 Mar 2015

    Industry experts, including Banner Engineering's Darryl Harrell, discuss accuracy and precision in sensing applications

  73. Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Series Improves Lighting Installation and Programming Capabilities
    17 Mar 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—March 17, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces its new K50 Modbus Series, comprised of multicolor indicators and pick-to-light sensors. Designed with the industry-standard Modbus RTU protocol, the K50 Modbus Series enables flexible communication and simplified setup of a single device or multi-point applications. Modbus RTU reduces wiring requirements by using double-ended cabling and tee connectors.

  74. Machine Vision for Medical Device Assembly
    3 Mar 2015

    Banner Engineering's Steve Wong discusses vision sensors used in medical device assembly applications

  75. Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor Solves Challenging Part-Detection Applications
    5 Feb 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—February 10, 2015—Banner Engineering introduces the Q3X laser contrast sensor. With the ability to detect up to 2,000 events per second, the Q3X provides high-speed, reliable detection of parts, tools, pallets or registration marks with small contrast differences. The Q3X has a small laser spot and is an excellent sensor for reliable part presence, tool-in-place or broken tool detection in stamping and machining centers.

  76. Machine Vision Technology Developments Let Industrial Robots "See" and Do More
    22 Jan 2015

    Banner Engineering's Brent Evanger discusses the use of vision sensors in the application of adhesives in manufacturing applications

  77. Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Provides Superior Performance for Challenging Applications
    20 Jan 2015

    Minneapolis, MN—January 20, 2015—Banner Engineering announces the Q4X laser distance sensor. Featuring superior, versatile sensing performance, the Q4X reliably detects distance changes as small as 1 mm and covers a 25 to 300 mm range across multiple target colors, materials and surfaces. With the ability to detect presence/absence of a target or an object’s orientation, the Q4X solves a variety of sensing applications.

  78. Are LED Light Bulbs Ready for Industry and Consumers?
    14 Jan 2015

    Banner Engineering's Chuck Dolezalek answers questions about the benefits offered by LED lighting

  79. Lighting Solutions that are Light Years Ahead
    8 Jan 2015

    Banner LED lights offer features critical to the food and beverage industry.

  80. Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT® K90 Series Provides Bright, Uniform Lighting for Long, Multi-Direction Applications
    16 Dec 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—December 16, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces its EZ-LIGHT® K90 Series multicolor indicator lights. Featuring a large, 90-mm indicator housing, the K90 Series delivers extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and at longer distances, while a highly visible illuminated dome ensures easy-to-see operator guidance. The K90 Series indicators provide enhanced flexibility with up to five colors—green, red, yellow, blue and white—available in one device.

  81. Preventing Undeclared Food Allergens Using Vision Systems
    1 Dec 2014

    Banner vision sensors can automate packaging verification and can help food packagers reduce the number of recalls associated with undisclosed allergens.

  82. Banner Engineering Unveils LED Website, Designed to Guide Users in Selecting the Ideal Lighting Solution
    18 Nov 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—November 18, 2014—Banner Engineering announces the launch of its new lighting microsite, . Featuring Banner’s WLB32 Industrial LED light bar , the interactive microsite provides LED technology education, tips and tools for facility managers, sustainability managers, design engineers and OEMs in planning their lighting project.

  83. Banner Engineering TL70 Modular Tower Light Provides Enhanced Customization and In-the-Field Modification Capabilities
    5 Nov 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—November 5, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT™ TL70 modular tower light. Offering superior flexibility, the TL70 can be customized as needed, and allows for easy position changes in the field. The big, bright 70-mm tower features advanced LED drive technology, providing highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication.

  84. Banner Year for Plymouth Manufacturing Company
    23 Oct 2014

    Channel 12 News interviews Dr. Neal Schumacher and Kari Simon to discuss domestic growth for Banner.

  85. Banner Engineering Expandable Safety Controller Design is Exceptionally Flexible and Intuitive
    21 Oct 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—October 21, 2014—Banner Engineering announces the XS26-2 expandable safety controller. With the capability to add up to eight expansion I/O modules, the XS26-2 platform was designed to easily adapt to diverse automation requirements and address a wide range of safeguarding applications. The base controller models have 26 input terminals, four terminals for two redundant safety PNP outputs and a USB connection for loading configurations.

  86. Banner Engineering Dual Color LED Strip Lights Provide Durable and Flexible Performance for Industrial Lighting Applications
    7 Oct 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—October 7, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2 Dual Color LED Strip Lights. Featuring the same durable, low-profile design and efficiency as Banner’s work light strip family, the WLS28-2 Dual Color has been enhanced to offer dual-color operation.

  87. Banner Engineering LE250 Laser Sensor Delivers Highly Optimized Performance for Positioning and Measuring
    24 Sep 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—September 23, 2014—Banner Engineering has expanded its L-Gage LE family of laser sensors with the new LE250. Optimized for measurements ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm, the LE250 features superior measurement precision and a small laser spot size. The sensor’s linear array allows for reliable detection and measurement across a wide range of difficult targets, from black rubber to shiny metal.

  88. Safety Controller Fits Robot Integrator
    3 Sep 2014

    S&R Robot Systems LLC uses Banner's SC22-3 Safety Controller.

  89. Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel LED Lights Provide Superior Protection From Oil, Chemical and Water in Extremely Harsh Conditions
    26 Aug 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—August 26, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces a stainless steel version of its WLC60 heavy-duty LED lights . Designed for use in extremely harsh conditions, the WLC60SS protects against caustic solutions, acids and detergents often found in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and marine applications. For enhanced chemical resistance, the WLC60SS is available with either a durable polycarbonate window or tempered borosilicate glass (BSG) window.

  90. Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT™ TL50 Tower Light Now Available in Self-Contained, Compact Size
    5 Aug 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—August 5, 2014—Banner Engineering announces a new self-contained, compact version of its industry-recognized EZ-LIGHT™ TL50 tower light. Measuring at only half the height of the standard TL50 models, the TL50 compact tower lights are ideal for space-restricted applications requiring highly visible operator guidance or indication of equipment status.

  91. LED lighting: Not All Solutions Are Created Equal
    15 Jul 2014

    Ratings and certifications help validate high-quality LED lighting products.

  92. Banner Engineering Enhances iVu Vision Sensor Series for Advanced Communication and Inspection Capabilities
    8 Jul 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—July 8, 2014—Banner Engineering announces the release of the iVu Plus TG Gen2 and iVu Plus BCR Gen2 vision sensor series. Designed from the company's industry-recognized iVu Integrated Vision Sensor family, the Gen2 series offers faster response times and multiple inspection resolution choices. Banner's iVu Plus Gen2 touch screen vision sensors advance inspection performance with Ethernet connectivity and multiple inspection capability.

  93. Thermal Remediation for Managing Insect Pests
    24 Jun 2014

    Banner's Mark Schmid writes about heat treatment and wireless technology.

  94. DF-G2 Fiber Optic Amplifier Features World’s Fastest 10 Microsecond Response Rate
    14 May 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—May 13, 2014—Banner Engineering enhances its fiber optic sensors product line with the DF-G2 fiber optic amplifier. Boasting the world’s fastest response rate, the DF-G2 can achieve a 10-microsecond response time with 5-microsecond repeatability. In addition to quick response rates, Banner’s DF-G2 provides an easy-to-read dual digital display for highly visible signal level and threshold values.

  95. Safeguarding Robotics in Packaging Applications
    1 May 2014

    Banner Engineering's Mark Lampert discusses how robotic trends in packaging are impacting safety requirements.

  96. LE550 Laser Sensor Delivers Repeatability and High-Precision Performance for Challenging Measurement Applications
    8 Apr 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—April 1, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the new LE550-Laser-Measurement-Sensor/ LE550 laser sensor. Designed with linear array technology, the LE550 non-contact laser sensor provides high repeatability and accurate measurement for challenging targets ranging from shiny metal to black rubber.

    7 Apr 2014

    A new laser measurement sensor featuring an intuitive two-line user interface display has been introduced by Banner Engineering ( The LE550 sensor offers a combination of range, repeatability, accuracy and ease of use not previously available at this price point.

  98. Sensor Trends Affecting Packaging Automation
    19 Mar 2014

    Mark Lampert discusses sensors and LED lighting impacts on packaging trends.

  99. CPG Manufacturers Benefit from Sensor Technology Advances
    19 Mar 2014

    Automation World talks with Mark Lampert about packaging trends.

  100. Banner Engineering High-Intensity Indicator Lights Provide Bright, Clear Status Indication
    18 Mar 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—March 18, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces its S18DLH and S22DLH indicators for general-purpose lighting applications. Designed with highly visible LEDs, these lights provide bright, clear indication in environments with high levels of ambient light, including direct sunlight. DC-operated and available in terminal-wired or cabled models, these single color LED barrel-mount indicators are ideal for stand-alone use or enclosed in a panel.

  101. Hazardous Area Indicator Lights Provide Clear Status Indication for Global Applications
    4 Mar 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—February 26, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT® K30L and K50L Hazardous Area Indicator Lights. Featuring extensive ATEX and CSA approvals, the indicator lights are safe to use in every classified zone or area in North America and Europe—their IECEx approval means quicker authorization for use in locations outside Europe and North America.

  102. Banner Engineering SC26-2 Safety Controller Provides Flexible Programming Capabilities
    11 Feb 2014

    Minneapolis, MN—February 11, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller for PLC-level capability and control without the programming complexity and steep learning curve of traditional PLCs. Designed to be more flexible and easier to use than other small footprint safety controllers, the SC26-2 uses safety function blocks, Boolean logic functions and a user-friendly programming environment for creating safety control logic.

  103. LED Lights the Way
    8 Jan 2014

    Kathy Erickson quoted on the advantages of LED lighting.

  104. The Assembly Show
    24 - 26 Oct, 2017

    Visit Banner Engineering at Booth 131 to see our latest products and solutions in Assembly and Robotics.

  105. Pack Expo
    25 - 27 Sep, 2017

    Visit Banner Engineering at Booth S-6008 to see our latest products and solutions in the Packaging Industry.

  106. Semicon West
    11 - 13 Jul, 2017

    Visit Banner Engineering at Booth 5882 to see our latest products and solutions in the Semiconductor and Electronics industries.

  107. ProMat
    3 - 6 Apr, 2017

    Visit Banner Engineering at Booth S4811 to see our latest products and solutions in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industries.

  108. Interphex
    21 - 23 Mar, 2017

    Visit Banner Engineering at Booth 2471 to see our latest products and solutions in the Pharmaceutical Industry.