Clear or Reflective Object Detection

Detecting clear or shiny objects is one of the biggest challenges sensors face. Variations in target shape, size, material, color and translucence can complicate accurate detection. Light can burn through a target or be reflected away in erratic ways. Harsh, hazardous and washdown environments found in many applications not only challenge detection, but can dramatically shorten the lifespan and performance of a sensor. Banner offers several solutions designed and developed specifically to overcome the many challenges common to clear object detection.

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  1. Clear Plastic Container Detection

    For clear, thermoformed plastic containers, trays, and clamshells, packagers must be able to detect the leading edge of these containers and confirm presence.

  2. Detecting Clear Glass and Plastic PET Bottles

    Banner’s Q4X clear object detection sensor measures the distance to and light intensity of a stable background condition, such as a smooth or painted surface. This allows the sensor to reliably detect a broad range of translucent objects without the use of a reflector.

  3. Multicolored Reflective Package Detection

    Banner’s Q4X laser sensor accurately detects targets of multiple colors, including reflective and wrinkled materials. Multicolored, reflective tea bag packages can easily be detected with Banner’s reliable and durable Q4X laser sensor.

  4. Clear Bottle Detection

    Banner’s Q26 Clear Object Detection sensor is ideal for this type of application because it quickly and reliably detects clear and transparent objects and its coaxial design results in higher positional accuracy, which allows for precise leading edge detection. With a coaxial optical design, the emitted and reflected light travels along the same axis, which allows for very short sensor and reflector separation distances, ranging from 5 to 800 mm.

  5. Hygienic Sensors for Glass Vial Detection

    Banner’s QMH26 Photoelectric Sensor provides reliable clear glass vial detection for strict quality control, while its rugged housing makes it a sustainable, long-lasting sensing solution. The QMH26 features 316L stainless steel housing to prevent chemical corrosion and a hygienic mounting shape to minimize contamination risk. The hygienic shape of the QMH26 with sealed housing and smooth joints allows for clean in place applications and reduces bacterial accumulation.

  6. Pharmaceutical Bottle Detection

    This application requires a sensing solution that can reliably detect clear bottles in an aseptic environment. The beam of traditional photoelectric sensors may reflect off the stainless steel in this environment or burn through the clear bottle and clear liquid, producing unreliable results. In addition, the rounded bottles provide an inconsistent target for traditional ultrasonic sensors which rely on a reflected signal to detect.

  7. Clear Glass Jar Detection for Food and Beverage Splash Zone

    Banner’s QM26 Washdown Photoelectric Sensor is rated to IP69K, making it ideal for high-pressure washdown environments. Its rugged, non-toxic 316L stainless steel housing allows for use in harsh 1500 psi and 80⁰C washdown environments. The sensor can withstand environmental temperature cycling from -30° C to 60° C.

  8. Detecting Reflective Packages on a Conveyor

    A QS18 in Foreground Suppression mode is mounted above the conveyor surface (30-200 mm sensing range). Using the conveyor as a "background," the sensor is able to detect objects passing by that may otherwise elude detection due to the reflective nature of the packaging. In addition, ambient noise created by fluorescent lighting or other sensors in close proximity to the QS18AF is less of a factor with improved "crosstalk" immunity.

  9. Moonroof Detection

    The detection of clear glass is a common challenge in the automobile industry. The optical beam of traditional photoelectric sensors will burn through clear material, making sensing results unreliable. The solution must be capable of detecting the clear glass of the moonroof. The U-GAGE T30UX Series Ultrasonic Sensor uses pulses of ultrasonic energy, which reflect off the target and back to the sensor, to reliably detect clear materials.

  10. Clear Plastic Bottle Detection

    Banner’s Clear Plastic EZ-ARRAY is designed to monitor an area of the conveyor that single point sensors cannot. With its polarized technology, discrete outputs can be used as an alarm to notify the bottle handling equipment controls that there is an obstruction on the conveyor.

  11. Clear Container Detection

    The QS30ELVC retroreflective sensor is the ideal solution for detection of clear targets because it has an 8% threshold for clear object detection, which allows a clear object to be detected as long as it attenuates at least 8% of the light passing through it. The sensor has a minimum range of 100 mm, which is great for small conveyors and limited spaces, with a maximum range of 2 m.

  12. Counting Reflective Rings

    The WORLD-BEAM Q12 in retroreflective mode detects shiny metal rings as they pass on a conveyor and then sends the data to a counting device. Because the reflector distorts the beam it returns to the emitter, the sensor can distinguish between the beam reflecting from the rings and the beam reflecting from the reflector.

  13. Polybag Seal Detection

    The D10 Expert and the light-averaging ability of the PIL46U fibers combine to reliably sense the bag seal in low contrast environments. To ensure the bag is properly separated from the web, the D10 Expert signals the location of the perforation to the separation mechanism, based on the location of the seal; in effect the seal acts as a registration mark.

  14. Line Pressure Monitoring of Clear Bottles

    Banner Engineering’s new Q4X laser clear object detection sensor is able to detect clear objects without the use of a reflector. It is simply taught to a stable background. It makes a decision on the presence of a target based on both distance and intensity for reliable detection of challenging targets such as bottles and cans. Eliminating a reflector in a washdown area also eliminates a potential point of failure.

  15. Clear Glass Detection

    To meet this need, Banner Engineering has created a special class of EZ-ARRAYs specifically designed to detect clear objects in clean industrial environments. By customizing standard EZ-ARRAY receivers to successfully detect low contrast and operate at a lower sensing range (30 to 1500 mm), Banner has enabled EZ-ARRAY Clear Object Measuring Light Curtains to detect translucent objects such as glass.

  16. Communicating the Presence of a Tipped Bottle

    EZ-LIGHT K50 Push Button Pick-to-Lights will alert workers to the location of a tipped bottle by changing the color of the applicable EZ-LIGHT from green to red. Using an elevated mounting system to increase visibility, workers will be able to quickly identify the location of the tipped bottle and clear it, preventing prolonged work stoppages. In this application, the K50 Push Button Pick-to-Lights are paired with WORLD-BEAM QS30 Water Sensors.

  17. Clear Bottle Counting

    The World-Beam QS30 Clear Object Sensor has been created specifically to reliably detect and count clear objects. The optical design of the QS30 Clear Object Sensor controls how the emitted light strikes the reflector. The stable and controlled optical path allows the sensor’s microcontroller to detect small changes in the light level. Additionally, the fast 500 microsecond response time makes the sensor able to detect and count the clear bottles as they quickly pass on the conveyor.

  18. Sorting Bottles by Color

    The QC50 Series True Color Sensor uses modulated white light with red, green, and blue electronic filters to scan for the presence of one, two or three colors, enabling the sensor to distinguish between the clear and tinted bottles. Three outputs are available to indicate when each of the colors is detected.

  19. I.V. Bag Liquid Detection

    Banner’s QS30H2O was developed specifically to address challenges with optically sensing the presence of water and water based-liquids. The QS30H2O operates in a through beam sensing mode and the emitter has a unique LED with a 1450 nm wavelength in the mid-IR (infrared) range—a wavelength that is easily attenuated by water.

  20. Clear and Tipped Bottle Detection on Depalletizer

    A pair of QS30ELVC clear object detection retroreflective sensors is ideal for detecting clear bottles and alerting operators of tipped bottles. One lower sensor is positioned to detect the bottles and one sensor is positioned at the top to detect if the bottle is upright. The QS30ELVC has a 500 microsecond response time to accurately detect bottles in high-speed detection applications. The TEACH mode is easy to use with just a simple touch of a button.

  21. Unfinished Can Detection

    WORLD-BEAM Q20 polarized retroreflective mode sensors use polarizing filters to detect only the light returned from the retroreflector, ignoring light returned from shiny objects. Natural light is made up of waves having a variety of polarizations. Photoelectric sensors with polarizing filters emit and detect only light waves of a specific polarization while rejecting unwanted light of other polarizations.

  22. Trigger on Shrink Sleeve Labels

    Our new Q4X laser clear object detection sensor works very well in an application such as this. The Q4X is completely sealed and made of robust IP69K-rated FDA-grade stainless steel making it resilient to even the most harsh environments and it also was created with a simple “point, teach, and go” setup. It has an intuitive interface and an easy-to-read angled display. This ease of use makes it ideal for a variety of factory floors, including the beverage industry.

  23. Container Detection in a Clean-in-Place Rotary Filler

    As bottles travel though the rotary filling system, sensors track the bottles as they enter each stage of the process. Accurate tracking prevents product spills and identifies potential jams in the filler. A versatile sensor is needed that can accurately detect bottles in all shapes and colors and deliver flawless operation in a wet clean-in-place environment.

  24. Bottle Detection on Rinser

    Bottles in the beverage industry come in various forms and are generally rinsed and disinfected before they are ready to begin the filling process. As bottles line up outside the rinsing station, it is necessary to verify that a bottle is present before the rinser jets are powered on.

  25. Detection of Plastic PET Bottles

    QS18E Expert Clear Object Detection Sensors are deployed at strategic points along the length of the air conveyor. Each sensor is configured to use the Light Set sensing mode for clear object detection. As a bottle passes between the sensor and the reflector it will absorb light from the sensing beam and the sensor’s microcontroller will detect these changes. Quick detection of accumulations or gaps using the QS18E helps manage the flow of bottles through the system, reduces downtime and improves overall plant efficiency.