Machine Illumination for Assistance with Inspection and Testing Procedures

Machine Illumination for Inspection and Testing Image

Application: Illuminate inside of laboratory machines to improve performance and inspections

Challenge: Exposure to cleaning chemicals and photosensitive applications

Solution: WLS28-2 LED Strip Light

Benefits: Rugged and chemical resistant with multiple color options

Proper machine illumination has many advantages in automated processes and can be used in a variety of ways. Sufficient lighting is especially important inside laboratory machines but can be difficult due to the high demands of the clinical testing environment where products are exposed to chemicals.

Rugged Lighting with Narrow Wavelengths for Photosensitive Materials

Illuminating inside automated sample processing equipment makes it easier for an operator to access the samples and equipment inside the machine. Shatterproof lighting is better suited to this environment because it prevents glass from contaminating samples or damaging machinery. Banner Engineering’s WLS28-2 LED strip light is made with a sturdy housing and shatterproof windows and can withstand hard impact.

The WLS28-2 lights are rated to IP69K and are resistant to chemicals and high-pressure washdowns. This works very well in medical labs because it makes them easy to clean and holds up well against various chemicals that may be used during cleaning and testing procedures.

The different reagents and samples used in medical lab testing can be photosensitive to specific light wavelengths, resulting in damage to the product and samples. The WLS28-2 is available with color options that have narrow wavelengths to prevent damaging the chemicals used during testing. 

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