Carton Stack Height

Carton Stack Height Image

Application: Monitor stack height of cartons

Challenges: Frequent product changes

Solution: Q4X Laser Distance Sensor

Benefits: Senses a wide variety of material

Carton blanks are stacked up ready to go through formation and have food trays inserted into the carton. An accurate sensor is needed to monitor the stack height of the carton blanks in the magazine to ensure the stack is not empty and prevent downtime. A smart sensor that can accommodate changes in carton size and machine speed from frequent product changeovers is needed to help reduce setup time and intervention during changeovers.


The two-point teach option on the Q4X analog laser measurement sensor is used to teach the full and empty magazine. Manual adjustment can be used to fine tune the output.

The analog output provides a real time gauge of the stack height. This allows the cartoner machine to have several “call for parts” set points without having to manually move the sensor.

The Q4X is a robust, rugged stainless steel sensor ideal for use in many industrial, factory environments. With a four-digit display, the Q4X provides real-time user feedback with an analog (V or mA) or distance (mm) readout.

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