Liquid Soap Level Detection

Liquid Soap Level Detection Image

Application: Monitoring the fill level of liquid soap

Challenges: Colors and surface of the soap may vary

Solution: QS18U Series Ultrasonic Sensor

Benefits: Sounds waves are used to detect the surface of the soap, regardless of color and uneven surfaces

To monitor the level of soap in a reservoir in a car wash


The WORLD-BEAM QS18U ultrasonic sensor monitors the level of soap in a tank in a car wash. The sensor is mounted atop the reservoir, aiming through the transparent top. The sound waves bounce off the surface of the liquid.

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Ultrasonic Sensors: QS18U Series
Ultrasonic Sensors: QS18U Series

Low-cost ultrasonic sensor in popular WORLD-BEAM housing. Detects clear or transparent material and color variations. Senses within a 50 to 500 mm window with a 15 millisecond response time.

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