Long-Range Feature Detection

Long-Range Feature Detection Image

Application: Detecting a flange

Challenges: Item is very small and a far distance away

Solution: Q60 Background Suppression Series Sensor

Benefits: Detects items within 6 feet of sensor while ignoring things beyond the cutoff point

Occasionally, work stations and conveyors do not have the space available to mount sensors close to the material they need to detect. In these scenarios, a solution is needed that can detect small items from a long distance.


Banner Engineering's Q60 Background Suppression Sensor detects a small flange from a distance of up to six feet. It can be set to detect the flange within a defined range and ignore anything beyond the cutoff point.

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Q60 Background Suppression Series
Q60 Background Suppression Series

Q60 series sackground suppression sensors detect objects within a defined sensing field, ignoring objects just beyond the sensing field cutoff. Offers infrared LED, visible red LED, or laser sensing beam options.

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