Measuring Movement Range

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Application: Measuring height adjustments and movement range

Challenges: Long inspection range from sensors to seat

Solution: LE550 Laser Sensor

Benefits: 100mm-1000mm operating range

A company supplying the auto industry makes power seating systems for a popular line of sport utility vehicles. The vehicle manufacturer requires that these systems be fully functioning and ready for installation before they are shipped.

During assembly, inspections are conducted to measure seat height adjustment, forward and rearward movement, and upright and recline motion. Two sensors are used for each inspection. The sensors are deployed off the conveyor line to ensure easy access to and the free movement of the seats. At its maximum range during inspection, a seat may be as far as a meter away from the sensors.


After comparing performance and cost, the company chose L-GAGEĀ® LE550 laser sensors. LE550 sensors can detect changes as slight as 1 mm at a meter away, but at nearly half the price of the sensors they replaced. Utilizing linear array technology and laser triangulation, the LE550s provide exceptional linearity, repeatability and resolution across their entire 100 mm - 1000 mm operating range. LE550 sensors feature a small spot size and visible beam for easy alignment.

The two-line, eight-character LCD display simplifies setup, provides real-time measurement and output information and makes altering the application easy.

During each inspection, seats are adjusted from their minimum to their maximum range. The LE550s measure the change in distance. If a measurement falls outside of the acceptable range, the output is triggered, the operator is alerted and the line is briefly stopped to allow the operator to inspect the seat and correct the problem.

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Laser Measurement Sensor: LE Series
Laser Measurement Sensor: LE Series

The LE laser measurement sensor is ready to measure widths of 100 to 1000 mm right out of the box.

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