Wireless Monitoring Retrofit in a Pre-Certified Facility

Wireless Monitoring Retrofit in a Pre-Certified Facility Image

Application: Monitoring various liquids stored in tanks throughout facility

Challenges: Liquid varies in color, consitency, and surfaces

Solution: QT50U Series Ultrasonic Sensors and SureCross Wireless Network

Benefits: Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves that bounce off surfaces regardless of material

New regulations in a pharmaceutical production facility stipulate that the liquid level of all fluids must be closely monitored and logged.


SureCross Nodes with FlexPower and Banner U-GAGE QT50U analog sensors quickly and easily facilitate these monitoring requirements without new construction and wiring. The FlexPower Node transmits the sensor data back to the Gateway device. When using a Gateway Pro, data is logged and alerts can be sent when fluid levels reach critical levels.

Combining the wireless SureCross network with a host control system means fluid levels are measured and wirelessly transmitted back to the host system for analysis, processing, or to trigger specific facility actions to control fluid flow, pressure, or levels.

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Long Range Ultrasonic Sensors: QT50U Series
Long Range Ultrasonic Sensors: QT50U Series

Senses extended range of up to 8 m. Features a completely sealed, shock-resistant housing that is ideal for monitoring levels of liquids as well as solids. Uses a narrow sensing beam to detect targets at long range within confined areas such as a storage tank without interference from the tank walls.

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