In-Line Accumulation on Single Filer

In-Line Accumulation on Single Filer Image

Application: Monitor bottles as they progress throw the single filer

Challenges: Designated sensing area and unstable signal as cluster of bottles move

Solution: The Q60 background suppression sensor

Benefits: Background suppression ignores anything beyond the sensing field and has an integral timing delay

When bottles are removed from a depalletizer the bottles are swept off of the pallet by a sweeper arm, layer by layer. The bottles eventually start to move into a single file and continue downstream. It is important to monitor the bottles in the staging area to make sure that they have moved on before another layer is swept onto the conveyor.


The Q60 background suppression sensor detects when the staging area is clear of bottles or cans and the system is ready for the next layer of containers. The integral timing delay on the Q60 filters out any potentially unstable signal from the bottles as they move in a cluster. Indication is then only made when the area is truly clear and the staging area is ready for more containers.

The background suppression function of the Q60 is important in this type of environment because they can be set to only detect objects within a defined sensing field and ignore anything that is located beyond the sensing field cutoff point. The Q60 offers infrared, visible red LED, or laser sensing beam and features a two-turn logarithmic adjustment of sensing field cutoff point from 0.2 to 2 m.

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