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Safe Work Solutions

Wireless Occupancy Monitoring Solution

Banner’s occupancy monitoring solution automates the monitoring of entrances and exits and provides easy-to-understand visual indication to customers when they can enter the store.

Innovative Solutions for Unprecedented Times

Companies around the world are quickly adapting to the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The need is immediate and Banner Engineering is ready to help.

Safe work solutions help companies meet and overcome the challenges they face today so they can more effectively serve and support their customers, employees, and communities while they plan for the future. 

We are able to draw on the largest catalog of automation products to create solutions that solve real problems. These solutions are designed to be easy to implement, built to perform reliably in challenging environments, and adapt to meet changing requirements and needs.

Benefits of Banner's Safe Work Solutions


Safe work solutions utilize Banner's proven wireless technology. Solutions can be deployed quickly, without disruptive and time-consuming alterations to equipment or infrastructure. This design also reduces costs by eliminating the time, hassle, and expense of running communication wire to connect devices.

Safe work solutions feature bright, easy-to-see LED indicators. Communication is visual and universally understood using familiar green/yellow/red indication to inform and direct actions. Laser-etched icons can be used to enhance communication.

Safe work solutions scale and adapt to meet changing requirements. Devices can easily be added, moved, or removed. Indicators are available in a wide range of color and display options, including advanced animations to effectively communicate more complex information.

Safe work solutions can be configured to send notifications and alert staff and supervisors for a wide range of user-defined events, such as occupancy totals, assistance requests, and late tasks. Data can be collected and analyzed to identify customer trends, monitor performance, and verify compliance.

Key Applications of Safe Work Solutions

QM30VT Series vibration and temperature sensor with CM Series node and current transformer

Occupancy Monitoring Made Simple

Easy-to-implement solution for social distancing

Banner’s occupancy monitoring solution supports social distancing initiatives by making it easy to control the flow of customers through stores, fitness centers, and other establishments open to the public.

  • Automates the monitoring of entrances and exits 
  • Provides familiar green/yellow/red indication to customers/members 
  • Installs quickly with no alterations to infrastructure 
  • Notifies staff as customer count approaches capacity 
  • Offers optional reporting to identify trends in customer traffic

Creating and Maintaining a Clean Work Area

Simple solution for a rigorous cleaning program

Clean workstations are essential to creating a safe and healthy work environment. So how can you be certain that cleaning processes are being performed on a regular schedule?

Banner’s clean workstation monitoring solution makes it easy to establish and maintain a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing schedule without disrupting productivity.

  • Quick, easy installation in any location
  • Clear notification for scheduled cleaning events
  • Verified completion of scheduled cleaning events
  • Data collection and reporting capabilities 
  • Resists aggressive cleaning procedures
Non-Contact Solutions for the Workplace

Easy-to-implement solution for establishing a rigorous cleaning program

To ensure the health and safety of your staff, breakrooms and other common areas need to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly and frequently. These areas are used frequently by many people and cleaning during the workday is often haphazard and sporadic.

  • Bright, high-visibility indicators alert staff that surfaces and appliances need to be cleaned
  • Two-way communication enables verified completion of scheduled cleaning events
  • Touch-free buttons actuate with deliberate motion, eliminating possible points of contamination
  • Quick, easy installation with no intrusive alterations to infrastructure
  • Collected data can be used for reporting and to ensure compliance

Featured Products

Occupancy Monitoring Kit

Wireless Occupancy Monitoring Solution

The Occupancy Solution Kit is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to monitor and control the flow of people in stores, offices, and throughout entire facilities. 

  • Includes a DXM Series wireless controller, an emitter-receiver directional sensor pair, a Direct Select™ wireless operator interface, a high-visibility indicator light, power supplies, and mounting brackets
  • The E-R directional sensor pair is easy to install, operates with either batteries or live power, has a faster response time, and requires no reflector
  • Reliable, field-proven Sure Cross wireless architecture operates in 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz frequency 
  • Devices come preprogrammed for easy operation and seamless communication 
  • Free 90-day prepaid trial of Banner's Cloud Data Services software
Sanitation Solution Kit

Wireless Solution Kit for Sanitation Alerts

Banner's Sanitation Solution Kit is an end-to-end solution with two models that make it easy to establish and maintain a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing schedule without disrupting productivity. 

  • Includes a DXM1200 wireless controller, four Direct Select™ wireless operator interfaces, four high-visibility K70 wireless indicators, and all necessary power supplies and brackets
  • Cycle Timer (CT) Kits are configured to visually alert four operators at four distinct stations when their respective station requires cleaning
  • Schedule Application (SA) Kits are available when a user setting sanitation schedules at a specific time(s) instead of a continuous interval
  • Devices come pre-programmed and pre-bound for easy operation and seamless communication 
  • Free 90-day trial of prepaid Cloud Data Services software 

K50 Pro Series

K50 Pro Optical Touch Button

K50 Pro Optical Series include PICK-IQ® models for faster response speeds over a Modbus network, programmable models with Pro Editor software and Pro Converter Cable, or IO-Link communication for advanced animation customization and LED control. 

  • Rated IEC IP67 and IP69K to withstand harsh washdown environments
  • Up to fourteen standard colors in one device (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Cyan, Magenta, Orange, Amber, Lime Green, Spring Green, Sky Blue, Violet, and Rose)
  • IO-Link models enable even more color and animation customization managed dynamically by the master, plus individual LED control
  • Discrete model featuring Pro Editor compatibility improves speed in deployment and machine interface. Get control of colors, logic, and outputs in a discrete controlled K50 with integrated optical sensor.
  • Sequence mode can be used to indicate level, takt time, and more
  • Immune to ambient light, EMI and RFI interference 
  • Illuminated dome makes it easy to see job light status
  • PICK-IQ gives full access to color, flashing, rotating, and dimming settings as well as advanced animations such as dynamic sequence mode and LED control 
  • Using PICK-IQ adds a simple change to the devices that allow the Modbus master controller to run standard Modbus protocol, but achieve the performance required by a medium to large sized pick-to-light system