Safe Work Solutions

Wireless Occupancy Monitoring Solution

Banner’s occupancy monitoring solution automates the monitoring of entrances and exits and provides easy-to-understand visual indication to customers when they can enter the store.

Innovative Solutions for Unprecedented Times

Companies around the world are quickly adapting to the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The need is immediate and Banner Engineering is ready to help.

Safe work solutions help companies meet and overcome the challenges they face today so they can more effectively serve and support their customers, employees, and communities while they plan for the future. 

We are able to draw on the largest catalog of automation products to create solutions that solve real problems. These solutions are designed to be easy to implement, built to perform reliably in challenging environments, and adapt to meet changing requirements and needs.

Benefits of Banner's Safe Work Solutions


Safe work solutions utilize Banner's proven wireless technology. Solutions can be deployed quickly, without disruptive and time-consuming alterations to equipment or infrastructure. This design also reduces costs by eliminating the time, hassle, and expense of running communication wire to connect devices.

Safe work solutions feature bright, easy-to-see LED indicators. Communication is visual and universally understood using familiar green/yellow/red indication to inform and direct actions. Laser-etched icons can be used to enhance communication.

Safe work solutions scale and adapt to meet changing requirements. Devices can easily be added, moved, or removed. Indicators are available in a wide range of color and display options, including advanced animations to effectively communicate more complex information.

Safe work solutions can be configured to send notifications and alert staff and supervisors for a wide range of user-defined events, such as occupancy totals, assistance requests, and late tasks. Data can be collected and analyzed to identify customer trends, monitor performance, and verify compliance.

Key Applications of Safe Work Solutions

QM30VT Series vibration and temperature sensor with CM Series node and current transformer

Occupancy Monitoring Made Simple

Easy-to-implement solution for social distancing

Creating a safe environment for customers and staff is essential to doing business. 

Banner’s occupancy monitoring solution supports social distancing initiatives by making it easy to control the flow of customers through stores and other establishments open to the public.

  • Automates the monitoring of entrances and exits 
  • Provides familiar green/yellow/red indication to customers 
  • Installs quickly with no alterations to infrastructure 
  • Notifies staff as customer count approaches capacity 
  • Offers optional reporting to identify trends in customer traffic

Creating and Maintaining a Clean Work Area

Simple solution for a rigorous cleaning program

Clean workstations are essential to creating a safe and healthy work environment. So how can you be certain that cleaning processes are being performed on a regular schedule?

Banner’s clean workstation monitoring solution makes it easy to establish and maintain a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing schedule without disrupting productivity.

  • Quick, easy installation in any location
  • Clear notification for scheduled cleaning events
  • Verified completion of scheduled cleaning events
  • Data collection and reporting capabilities 
  • Resists aggressive cleaning procedures

Featured Products

DXM Series

Wireless Controller for IIoT Applications

DXM Series industrial wireless controllers are designed to facilitate Ethernet connectivity and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. 

  • ISM radios available in 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz for local wireless network
  • Converts Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet I/P
  • Logic controller can be programmed using action rules and text language methods
  • Micro SD card for data logging
  • Email and text alerts
  • Cell modem for cellular connectivity
TL70 Series

Modular LED Tower Light Indicator

A bigger, brighter tower light indicator is available as modular segments or pre-assembled with the flexibility to customize as needed and change positions in the field.

  • Big, bright 70mm tower lights appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light and are visible at long distances
  • Modular IP65 design gives the user flexibility to customize functionality and install in many environments
  • Wireless options, including bases and segments, facilitate installation and enable remote monitoring and control
  • User friendly with just a few easy steps to complete installation
QM30VT Series vibration and temperature sensor
Direct Select Series

Wireless Operator Interface

The Direct Select™ is a multifunction operator interface that improves communication between staff, supervisors, assets, and equipment. It features multiple input, indication, and display capabilities and can be used to send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, monitor equipment, and much more.

  • Battery-powered wireless device installs easily on mobile and stationary assets, machines, or equipment where adding or altering wired infrastructure would be impractical or not cost-effective
  • Two-way communication between devices over a secure, robust Sure Cross® wireless network
  • Versatile operator interface can be used as an input or output device in a wide range of applications