Muting Kits Now Available for LS Safety Light Curtains

LS Muting Arm Kits Image

Mute arm kits for LS safety light curtains are now available. These kits are designed to make it easy to add muting capabilities to any safeguarding application requiring arm, hand, or finger detection.  To create a complete solution, users can combine the mute arm kits with LS Series safety light curtains, SC26 or XS26 safety controllers, Banner indicator lights, and plug-and-play cables. Together, these products create an intuitive safety system that is easy to deploy and manage.

Key Benefits

Easy Installation: Mute arm kits eliminate the hassle and complication of installing multiple muting sensors individually. They include pre-mounted hardware, Q20 retroreflective sensors, reflectors, and plug-and-play mechanical and electrical connections.

Quick Configuration: The intuitive programming environment, graphical user interface, and drag-and-drop operation provided by SC26 and XS26 Series safety controllers make it easy to configure mute functions and manage safety systems.

Simplify Inventory: These mute arm kits can be used with LS Series safety light curtains (additional hardware kit required) and SGS Series safety grid systems with integral muting.

Versatility: Muting arm kits adjust easily to accommodate line changes.


Featured Products

LS Series Mute Arm Kits
LS Series Mute Arm Kits

LS Series Muting Arm Kits make it easy to add muting capabilities to any application requiring finger or hand detection. They combine plug-n-play pre-mounted hardware with Q20 retroreflective sensors and retroreflective target reflectors. They are designed to be used with 14, 23 or 40 mm resolution LS safety light curtains and SC/XS26 safety controllers.

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