Every day, thousands of times a day, in locations all around the world, products from Banner Engineering are used to solve challenging problems and achieve automation goals.  We work closely with our customers, partners and industry experts to analyze an application and identify the key products, features, and components necessary to solve it. The final product is a smart, cost-effective solution that satisfies customer requirements, performs at the highest levels, and reliably solves the application.

IIoT Innovations for the Data-Driven Factory
IIoT and the Smart Factory

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) describes the technologies that connect industrial field devices, such as sensors, to the cloud.

Smart Sensor Solutions
Smart Sensors

Problem-solving sensors from Banner Engineering save time and reduce costs by reliably performing challenging inspections even in harsh industrial environments, reducing inventory requirements, and speeding up changeover.

Machine Guarding Solutions
Machine Guarding

Intuitive safety solutions from Banner Engineering make safety simple by combining easy-to-use safety devices with LED indication for fast commissioning, visual management, and remote monitoring of safety systems.

Track and Trace Solutions
Track and Trace

Track and trace solutions are only as reliable as the devices that scan the codes, so selecting a dependable identification technology is critical. Learn about Banner's solutions for traceability.

Pick-to-Light Solutions

Pick-to-light devices from Banner Engineering create a versatile, scalable solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of a wide variety of picking applications. We help you identify a light-guided picking solution to match your application requirements, from small assembly stations to large order fulfillment racks.

Industrial Illumination Solutions
Industrial Illumination

We provide rugged illumination for the harshest environments. Our high performance LED lights are low maintenance throughout their 50,000 hour or more lifespan, for years of trouble-free operation.

Status Indication Solutions
Status Indication

Machine status indicators improve communication across the manufacturing floor. By enabling immediate attention to problems, machine status indicators reduce downtime and help increase productivity.

Measurement and Inspection
Measurement and Inspection

Smart laser measurement sensors from Banner Engineering reliably solve the most challenging measurement and inspection applications, even in real-world environments.

Quality Control Solutions
Quality Control

Banner’s expertise in sensing, vision, pick-to-light, and industrial illumination technologies allows us to offer optimal solutions to detect defects, measure components, monitor tolerances, verify product attributes, and reduce the possibility of mistakes or errors--all while increasing productivity.

Vehicle Detection Solutions
Vehicle Detection

Banner Engineering provides many wired and wireless solutions for vehicle detection, and we partner with you to help match the right technology to your application..


Solutions that solve a diverse range of applications.