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Food Industry

Global and growing, the food industry is the largest industry on the planet. As economies around the world continue to evolve and develop, so do the lifestyles and demands of consumers. In this highly competitive market, a company’s ability to respond and adapt to these changes is critical. Changing consumer demands quickly translates to changes in products, production processes and packaging.

Banner has developed products specifically designed for the food industry. Our industry knowledge and expertise in sensors and vision sensors, LED lights and indicators, wireless networks and safety control allow us to offer solutions that address these challenges. Products and solutions from Banner help food manufacturers around the world reduce expenses, improve quality and efficiency, and increase product output and profits without compromising worker safety.   

End-to-End Food Packaging Line Solutions

Primary Packaging

We offer IP67, 68, and 69K and stainless steel food grade components, as well as optional chemical-resistant housings that withstand routine CIP procedures.

Secondary Packaging

Banner Engineering offers innovative solutions for increased accuracy, greater productivity and cost savings in secondary packaging. 

End-of-Line Packaging

Banner products solve problems at the end of the line where packed cases are palletized for shipping. 

  1. 27 - 29 Sep, 2021

    PACK EXPO Connects is an innovative web-based event that allows professionals from the packaging and processing industry to connect with exhibitors and each other remotely.

Success Stories

Thermal Remediation Temperature Measurement [Success Story]
Thermal Remediation Temperature Measurement [Success Story]

The EPA has placed restrictions on the use of many fumigants citing a correlation between their use and ozone depletion. As an alternative, a large-scale flour mill performs three to four thermal remediations per year to eradicate flour beetles. The temperature inside the mill is brought up to 122° F (50° C). This is done gradually to minimize equipment and building strain caused by heat expansion.

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Consistent Dough Height Measurement [Success Story]
Consistent Dough Height Measurement [Success Story]

The dough for one of the company’s many popular breakfast cereals must fall within specific height parameters to ensure that it will have the perfect flake. Dough that is too thick will emerge from baking stiff and heavy. Dough that is too thin will crumble easily. This impacts the quality, taste and texture of the final product as well as product weight and packaging. Any product that does not meet the rigorous quality standards of the company will not be shipped or sold on the consumer market.

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