Heavy-Duty Machine Lights in CNC Washdown Environment

Heavy-Duty Machine Lights in CNC Washdown Environment Image

Application: Lighting inside a machine

Challenges: Heavy-duty washdown environment

Solution: WLC60 Series Heavy Duty Lights

Benefits: Bright LED lights in oil, chemical, and water resistant housing

CNC (computer numerical control) machines use multiple tools, such as drills, saws, and many others in a single cell to automate the manufacturing process and make it more efficient. These areas require heavy-duty washdown treatments after use and need extremely bright lighting for inspection purposes. Bright, visible LED light allows operators to inspect CNC areas to ensure machines are working properly to produce parts faster and more efficiently.


Determining a lighting solution for the CNC machine is simple with Banner’s LED heavy-duty machine light, which provides enhanced chemical and thermal resistance in tough environments. The ultra-bright light is oil, chemical and water resistant with IP68, IP68g and IP69K ratings, making it an ideal choice for many industrial lighting applications, including the CNC washdown environment. The heavy-duty light stands up in the harshest environments, so operators can focus on the task at hand rather than spending time repairing or replacing lights or parts. 

The LED technology of Banner’s WLC60 LED machine light ensures years of operation without maintenance for reduced costs, improved visibility for human visual inspection, and leads to improved product quality and productivity. LED lights easily replace fluorescents for improved work station operation and reduced replacement, repair and overall energy costs.

The light has a durable polycarbonate window or borosilicate glass option available for enhanced resistance to oils, chemicals and water. The light is simple to install with a variety of mounting options to suit any machine or environment. Mounting options include magnetic mount, daisy-chain power and rear or side connectors.

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