Low-Power Consumption Vehicle Detection in an Automated Car Wash

Automated Car Wash Detection Image

Application: Detection of vehicles in an automated car wash

Challenges: Exposed to harsh outdoor environments

Solution: SureCross M-GAGE Wireless Node

Benefits: Completely enclosed and can be installed above or below ground

Automatic car wash systems can see heavy traffic but also experience down times where automation devices do not need to be active. The installation of a sensor that can remain in standby mode in order to conserve energy. Once a car approaches the car wash entrance, the sensor must switch out of low-power consumption mode and accurately detect the vehicle and turn on the automated system.


Previous technology required the use of an inductive loop system embedded into the ground. Installing an inductive loop system requires cutting into a large portion of asphalt or concrete. Over time these inductive loops break and must be replaced.

Using a SureCross M-GAGE wireless sensor node eliminates the need for a large inductive loop. The device may be mounted above ground or below ground, requiring only a six to eight inch diameter hole. Vehicle presence is detected by an M-GAGE Node that activates the automated car wash system to power up and trigger the entry door.

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