Pick-to-Light Solutions

PTL110 pick to light device on a rack of bins

Light-Guided Picking Improves Quality & Efficiency

Pick-to-light, also known as light-directed or light-guided picking, refers to the use of colored LED indicators to guide assemblers and operators to the correct part or product location.

Pick-to-light solutions can also be used to indicate the number of parts to pick and proper pick order.

These solutions make manual picking processes faster and more accurate in a wide variety of applications including assembly, kitting, and order fulfillment.

We Make Picking More Efficient: From Simple to Large Scale Applications

Pick-to-light devices from Banner Engineering create a versatile, scalable solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of a wide variety of picking applications.  Our pick-to-light devices are built for industrial use, and we offer fully-sealed, impact resistant, and washdown-rated options to withstand any environment.  We help you identify a light-guided picking solution to match your application requirements, from small assembly stations to large order fulfillment racks.  Choose an application below to learn more.  



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