High-Quality LED Lights Improve Quality Inspection

High-Quality LED Lights Improve Quality Inspection Image

Application: Bright lighting to assist in automobile quality inspection

Challenges: Large area that needs consistent even illumination

Solution: Banner Engineering's WLB92 LED Light Bar

Benefits: Light source that provides consistent and extremely bright light, industrial construction for rugged environment

During the quality inspection of automotive cars and parts, bright, even, uniform light is important to properly inspect parts.


The most important part of lighting up an automotive environment for inspection purposes is to find a light source that provides consistent, extremely bright light. The energy-efficient WLB92 is easy to install and gives a consistent, bright light with minimal glare to inspect automotive parts. Increased lighting can improve worker productivity and reduce eye strain.

The WLB92 is a high-quality LED light designed with an aesthetically-pleasing look, but an industrial construction for a rugged automotive environment. Banner’s WLB92 has long-lasting LED technology with over 50,000 hours of working life.

The LED light bar is extremely versatile, with ac and dc model options, ac conduit and ac quick-disconnect models available. AC models are DLC certified with a five year warranty. There are several mounting options available with surface, swivel, snap and hanging brackets to suit many installation needs.

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WLB92 Large Ultra-Bright LED Work Light

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