Water Tower Level Monitoring and Pump Control

water tower level monitoring

Application: Monitoring levels inside a water tower

Challenges: Obstructions in area make data transfer difficult

Solution: FlexPower Node and Gateways, SureCross Data Radios

Benefits: Data Radios can be used to transmit data over the obstructions

Water towers are used to add water and create water pressure to small communities or neighborhoods during peak use times to ensure water pressure is available to all users.

Maintaining the water levels in these towers is important and requires constant monitoring and control. Defined water levels are established with both float switches and a submersible pressure sensor.


Using a submersible pressure sensor and float switches connected to a FlexPower™ Node will ensure the levels are constantly monitored. Data can be wirelessly transmitted to a Gateway mounted near the pumps.

When water levels fall, the Gateway turns on a cascading series of pumps to move more water from the reservoir to the tower. The level in the water tower and the rate at which it is dropping determines how many of the cascading pumps are cycled on.

For difficult topologies, SureCross Data Radios can be used to transmit data over obstructions and extend the range of the DX80 sensor network.

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