Depalletizer Guarding with Muting

Depalletizer Guarding with Muting Image

Application: Guarding a depalletizer

Challenges: Maintaining a continuous flow of pallets

Solution: Type 4 EZ-SCREEN Safety Light Curtain

Benefits: Muting capabilities maintain high safety standards while allowing for a free flow  of pallets

When pallets enter a depalletizer station, it is important to maintain a continuous flow of pallets for efficiency while safeguarding the area due to robot operations.


Banner Engineering’s Type 4 EZ-Screen with a muting is ideal for depalletizer stations with robots because the screens ensure safety standards are maintained while allowing for a free flow of pallets, increasing throughput.

The muting allows for a pallet skid to be transferred without shutting down the conveyor or robot cell, helping optimize product flow throughout the distribution center. There is a timing function set at a constant speed that allows for a continuous flow of pallets.

Banner’s safety light screens have easy installation and are available in Type 4 CAT42SIL3 14 and 25 mm resolution for feet, hand and ankle detection. Banner’s safety light screens can be paired with a K30 EZ-light indicator attached on the end of the screen for indication purposes. For clear status indication, indicators can be set to switch to red to alert operators of an emergency or issue and remain green when operational during normal depalletizer processes.

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14/30 Series Traditional Heavy-Duty Type 4

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