Wireless Perimeter Guarding

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Storing large items outdoors presents a potential risk of property damage through vandalism or loss from theft.

Using a solar powered wireless alert system prevents damage or loss by alerting security personnel when someone has entered your outdoor storage area without clearance.


A Solar Power Supply positioned in each corner of the outdoor storage area powers both a Solar Node and SM30 Series 30mm Barrel Sensor emitter and receiver pair. To power the emitter and receiver pair, use the DIP switches to set the Solar Node's boost voltage output to 13V.

With the receiver outputs wired to the Node's inputs, breaking the "beam" between any emitter/receiver pair changes the input status of the Node. (Match the sensor output to the Node's input type, i.e. match a sourcing output on the sensor to a sourcing input on the Node.)

This change of state can trigger an alarm or, if a GatewayPro is used to control the wireless network, an e-mail alert is automatically sent to a list of designated people notifying them of the potential break in.

This application requires an average of two hours of sunlight per day. For marginal solar conditions, custom boost voltage settings can be configured.

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