Bin Coverage for Bin Picking Applications

Bin Coverage for Bin Picking Image

Application: Full bin coverage in picking application

Challenges: Varying bin sizes

Solution: Parts Verification Array PVL series

Benefits: Can be mounted directly to racking profile and can be installed vertically or horizontally

Bins can vary by size depending on the parts that workers are picking. It can be difficult to set up an efficient pick and place operation with a variety of bin sizes without an accurate measuring light array. An extremely reliable light array is needed to provide full coverage in bin picking applications.


The PVL provides 100% reliability over a large area and can be mounted directly to the racking profile. The PVL can also be mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation to suite application needs. This versatility allows for a quick set up and quick and efficient processes.

With a 225 or 500 mm beam span and retroreflective mode, the PVL provides more cost-effective coverage than comparable products. For efficient bin picking processes, the PVL provides clear, highly visible indication with two color integrated job LED arrows, confirming a correct pick or indicating a mis-pick with green and red light.

The PVL also has a rugged, all-metal compact housing for high durability for industrial environments. To save on installation costs, retroreflective tape can be placed on adjacent units or one of the brackets.

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