Combined Inspections Used to Meet Quality Standards

Combined Inspections Used to Meet Quality Standards Image

Customer Requirements: Cap seat and bottle orientation inspection

Solution: iVu TG Gen2 image sensors

Why Banner? Integrated Touch Screen – No PC required for configuration, changes or monitoring

Ease of Use – Menu-driven tools facilitate device configuration, setup and management

Cost – Sensor offers powerful inspection capabilities in a compact, affordable device

Customer Benefits

Quality Control – Image sensor identifies errors prior to packaging, ensuring quality standards are met on all shipped products

Process Efficiency – Early detection and correction of bottle orientation reduced the need for operator interventions


A manufacturer of cleaning products ships laundry detergents, fabric softeners and similar products to retail stores, mass merchandisers and warehouse club stores across North America. Process efficiencies and quality control are vital for the company to consistently deliver large amounts of product that meets expectations. 


Bottles not correctly oriented for packing obstructed the line, slowing down the packaging process and requiring operator intervention to manually correct problems. Bottles incorrectly packed into bliss trays for sale in club stores did not properly display product labels and had to be returned to the company.

Improperly seated bottle caps would leak detergent, softener or other thick liquids on the bottles and throughout the box. This created a large mess and damaged labeling and cardboard packaging. These products were unusable. If shipped, the box and possibly the entire pallet would be returned to the manufacturer.


An iVu TG Gen2 image sensor was installed on the line. The powerful match tool was easy to set up and enabled the iVu TG Gen2 to compare bottles with an approved image. Bottles falling outside of specifications are removed prior to packaging, reducing operator interventions and product returns. The on-board display provided operators with at-a-glance inspection results. These features allowed the company to successfully combine bottle orientation and cap seat verification into a single inspection. 

The iVu TG Gen2 was easy to install, configure and use. Its compact form factor allowed it to fit unobtrusively into the existing packaging system. The integrated touch screen guided the operator through setup. The system menu helped the operator define the regions of interest on the image and set the inspection parameters. The company was able to start inspections within minutes. 

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