Detecting the Positioning and Presence of Tamper Evident Bands

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Tamper-evident bands made of ultraviolet (UV) luminescent material protect the integrity of many food and beverage products, such as drink bottles. Confirming the tamper-evident band’s presence and position is an important quality control function. While standard luminescent sensors will detect the presence or absence of a tamper-evident band, they are unable to evaluate the band’s positioning. A solution is needed that can detect the band’s presence and confirm it is properly positioned.


Banner iVu TG vision sensor with multi-point inspections is ideal for detecting and evaluating the position of tamper-evident bands. In this application, the band should be positioned around both the cap and the neck of a bottle. A seal positioned too high, too low, or completely missing would be considered unacceptable.

With multi-point inspection, the iVu TG vision sensor can simultaneously detect missing and poorly positioned bands. Its ability to segregate diverse information means it can tell the operator the failure type and where the failure occurred. The iVu TG vision sensor’s two-dimensional area inspection enables the detection of a bottle and its attributes when it passes the sensor even when bottles vary by appearance and position. In contrast, standard single point UV photoelectric sensors can only detect one attribute at a time and require every bottle to appear in exactly the same position as the one before it to “pass” inspection.

The iVu TG can also be paired with Banner’s Tower Light for quick identification of failure type. When the tamper-evident seal is on and positioned correctly, the Tower Light signals “pass” by displaying a green light on the bottom segment. If the bottle seal is too high, too low or missing, the different segments will light up with various colors to signal the specific failure.

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