Hygienic Sensor Detects Variety of Bottle Types on a Rinser

M25U Application Image

Application: Confirmation of bottle in place before rinser jets turn on

Challenges: Different size, color and material of bottles used, washdown environment                         

Solution: Banner Hygienic IP69K M25U Ultrasonic Sensor

Benefits: Ultrasonic can see clear or colored objects and multiple shapes

Bottles generally are rinsed and disinfected before they are ready to begin the filling process.  As bottles line up outside the rinsing station, it is necessary to verify that a bottle is present before the rinser jets are powered on.  Bottles in the beverage industry can come in various forms and it’s important to find a solution that can easily detect a variety of different materials and colors.


Banner’s M25U stainless steel ultrasonic sensor is a compact, powerful sensor with a hygienic design, ideal for food and beverage environments.  It is a dual range/dual speed opposed mode ultrasonic sensor making it great for identifying clear objects.  Fortunately, it is not limited to clear objects.  This sensor sends ultrasonic energy from the emitter to receiver and detects the presence of a bottle when the sound waves do not reach the receiver.

By utilizing ultrasound instead of a laser beam, Banner’s ultrasonic sensors are immune to color changes and can efficiently detect a wide variety of shapes.  At this point the sensor then triggers the machine to turn on the rinser jets.  This method allows for cost reductions by preventing unnecessary spraying when no bottle is present.  Conveniently, it also means that the change-over times are short because not sensor adjustments are needed.

Banner’s U-GAGE ultrasonic sensors are incredibly suitable sensors for the aseptic aspects of the beverage filling industry.  They are immune to color or shape changes and can easily detect a mixed variety of bottles.  The M25U sensor is rated IP69K,IEC IP67 (NEMA 6) with fully encapsulated electronics and constructed of FDA approved materials, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean. It can also withstand high-temperature sprays up to 80 degrees Celsius and 1500 psi occurring every few hours.  

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M25U Series Stainless Steel IP69K Ultrasonic Sensor
M25U Series Stainless Steel IP69K Ultrasonic Sensor

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