Detecting Clear Bottles to Trigger Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Trigger on Shrink Sleeve Labels Image

Application: Detect bottles on labeling machine

Challenges: High-speed machinery and harsh environmental conditions 

Solution: Banner Engineering's Q4X Clear Object Detection Sensor

Benefits: Reliable bottle detection, very quick response time, works well in washdown settings

To meet production demands in the beverage industry, automated equipment is often used to ensure products have proper labeling. A sensing solution is needed to trigger label sleeves to drop down on bottles at the correct intervals and in a timely way.


Our new Q4X laser clear object detection sensor works very well in an application such as this.  The Q4X is completely sealed and made of robust IP69K-rated FDA-grade stainless steel making it resilient to even the most harsh environments and it also was created with a simple “point, teach, and go” setup.  It has an intuitive interface and an easy-to-read angled display.  This ease of use makes it ideal for a variety of factory floors, including the beverage industry.

The Q4X laser clear object detection sensor provides greater precision and more reliable bottle detection than LED-based laser sensors.  It can dependably respond within microseconds in order to match the high-speeds of the bottling line.  As the bottles pass by the Q4X, the quick response time triggers the shrink sleeve labels at a high rate to allow for greater throughput.  At this point the bottles, now encased in heat-reactive shrink sleeve labels, will travel through a heat tunnel in order for the labels to conform to the bottles.

A single Q4XCOD sensor is able to detect a wider range of transparent objects without the need to reteach the sensor, allowing for faster line changes and less interference from personnel.  No reflector is needed for use.

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