Robotic Work Cell Lighting

Robotic Work Cell Lighting Image

Application: Work cell illumination for visual inspection

Challenges: Large area with high risk of impact to equipment

Solution: Banner Engineering's WLB92 Industrial LED Light Bar

Benefits: Cascadable, bright light with rugged housing

Robotic work cells need proper lighting sources for visual inspection. Light source placement, brightness and application must all be considered before choosing the correct lighting system to properly illuminate a robotic cell.


The energy-efficient WLB92 is easy to install and accommodates a wide variety of application needs with several models available. The light is extremely bright; effectively illuminating a robotic cell area. AC conduit models provide easy installation throughout the cell.

The high-quality WLB92 LED light was designed to have an aesthetically-pleasing look, yet be rugged enough for industrial environments.

Banner’s LED light bar is a better solution for industrial lighting compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. The LED light bars provide a directional lighting effect, providing even, concentrated illumination where it is needed. Increased lighting can also help improve worker productivity while minimizing eye strain.

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WLB92 Large Ultra-Bright LED Work Light
WLB92 Large Ultra-Bright LED Work Light

Brightest, adjustable, uniform light for low bay lighting & robotic work cell applications. Easy installation with a variety of mounting options.

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