Safeguarding of a Power Press

Safeguarding of  a Power Press Image

Application: Guarding a high-impact power press

Challenges: Hostile environment that can cause damage to equipment

Solution: EZ-SCREEN LS Safety Light Curtain

Benefits: Extremely robust and rugged with IP65/67 rated housing

Power presses pose high levels of risk to operators feeding or removing parts and other personnel working in the manufacturing facility. The use of safety light curtains for press safeguarding has been one of the most common methods for protecting personnel. The heavy machinery generates high levels of shock, which increases the probability of physical impact to the guarding system and can also involve oil mist that degrades the light curtain performance. All of these challenges can result in unwanted interruptions in production to allow for safety system maintenance. A strong safety light curtain solution that can withstand the hostile environment in the press room is necessary for successful production.


Banner Engineering’s EZ-SCREEN LS is extremely robust with heavy duty extruded aluminum IP65/67 rated housing, metal endcaps and a recessed window to protect it from collisions related to stock removal and incidental impact. Additionally, its 12 meter range ensures it can guard large presses and overcome optical degradation due to oil and dust accumulation on the window, which can typically accumulate on the machine and weaken the system’s performance. The EZ-Screen LS automatically configures and has no DIP switches or programming ports, which often encourages a buildup of fluids or debris. An optional remote fixed blanking programming solution, designed specifically for the press room, is available with cascade systems along with remote EZ-SCREEN LS status indicator accessories.

Banner Engineering’s EZ-SCREEN LS also features end-to-end sensing which eliminates gaps in coverage to minimize pass through hazards in cascade and standalone installations. Highly visible bi-color alignment LEDs over the entire length of the receiver window, along with additional status and diagnostic indicators, ensure a simplified installation and support long term system maintenance requirements.

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