Cap Inspection in Confined Areas

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Cap detection is required to ensure bottles are properly packaged. Several types of bottles may pass on the line, so a sensor is needed to ignore color changes while still accurately detecting caps of various sizes.


The rugged PW12-rated World-Beam Q12 sensor inspects bottle closures using fixed-field technology to ignore cap color changes. With many types of bottles and product coming down the line, it is important for the sensor to ignore the size of the cap whether it is 25 or 50 mm. Using the same fixed-field technology, the Q12 easily ignores color and size changes in caps, while detecting whether or not a cap is present.

The miniature housing size of 8 by 12 mm makes it ideal to use in confined spaces. The sensor is easy to install, mounting directly to robust-metal lined mounting holes. The Q12 is rated to IP67 for use in a wide range of locations and applications, while some models are available with a PFA chemical-resistant jacket for even more aggressive environments.

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Q12 Series Miniature Self-Contained Sensor

The Q12 is a small sensor with high performance for powerful sensing in confined spaces. Used in short-range with background suppression.

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