Inspecting Bottles for Cap Presence and Correct Color

iVu Color Bottle Cap Inspection Image

Application: Inspect bottles for bottle cap presence and correct color.

Challenge: Bottle cap color and bottle size and shape can vary with each production run.

Solution: iVu Series Color Sensor with remote touch screen and integrated ring light


Increased Uptime: Design and operational features of iVu Color Sensors enable quick inspection setup, access to real-time data, and on-the-fly changes to inspection parameters without stopping and restarting processes. 

Product Changeover and Variations in Bottle Cap Color

A regional bottling facility uses an all-in-one system to rinse, fill, and cap their products. The company produces and ships a wide range of soft drinks and product changeover is frequent. To ensure that product quality standards are met and that product appearance is consistent with the brand, the company must inspect each bottle to ensure that the right bottle cap is present and properly seated.

Combining Sensor Types to Simplify Inspections

Capable of supporting multiple sensor types in a single inspection, the iVu Color Sensor is configured to use the Match and Color Area sensor types. The Match sensor confirms that each bottle is capped and seated properly. The Color Area sensor detects changes in bottle cap color, ensuring that the right cap has been used. This allows the company to better monitor production input and output and gather information to determine overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Altering Inspections without Stopping Production

The iVu Color Sensor offers touchscreen or PC operation and features an intuitive user interface and menu driven tools that make it quick and easy to setup, manage, and monitor inspections. It can store up to 30 different inspections and allows users to change inspection parameters while inspections are in progress without stopping and restarting processes, simplifying product changeover and reducing downtime. The compact design and rugged IP67-rated housing of the iVu Color Sensor is ideal for challenging environments and space constrained deployments.

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