Multiple Point Inspection on Stamped Metal Parts

Multiple Point Inspection on Stamped Metal Parts Image


Verify position and size of holes punched into metal parts. 


Many stamped metal parts have punch holes to accommodate other parts in the assembly process. Occasionally, the hole-punch does not go all the way through, leading to inconsistencies in the stamped parts. It is vital the stamped parts are identical and holes are punched in the correct place.


To verify the expected number of holes exists on a small metal part, an iVu Series image sensor with multipoint inspections can be configured for multiple regions of interest (ROIs) to ensure holes exist and were punched in the correct place. When set up for area inspection, the iVu will scan multiple points on the stamped part to verify the presence or absence of a feature or features of interest.

As stamped parts come down the conveyor the iVu image sensor with multipoint inspection takes images of each area where a punched hole should be located. If there is a hole missing or punched in the wrong spot, the iVu identifies this problem and can alert operators as to where the problem occurred. This allows operators to pinpoint what is causing the failure and easily fix the problem, maintaining efficiency on the manufacturing line while reducing waste.

The iVu image sensor can support multiple sensor types in a single inspection, making it ideal to check for punched holes in the stamped metal parts. The iVu is easy to use with no PC needed and can be setup in four simple steps. The iVu image sensor can store up to 30 inspections for fast product turnover and sorts up to 10 products in a single inspection.

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