Presence of Shrink Sleeve Label and Correct Label Verification

Presence of Shrink Sleeve Label and Correct Label Verification Image

Application: Verify presence and position of correct shrink sleeve label 

Challenges: Bottle speed, various label colors and wet environment make verification difficult

Solution: Banner P4 vision camera and WLA light can identify different labels and is protected from wet environment

Benefits: Banner P4 Vision is easy to teach various labels and stores them for easy changeover.  White lighting allows camera to function well with various colored labels.  IP68 and IP69K ratings protect against water spray

One of the final steps in the labeling process for beverage lines is to confirm the presence of the labels and that they contain accurate information.  With shrink sleeve label applications, sensors are needed in order to verify the presence of the label and correctly identify the printed content in one easy and resourceful way before moving onto the next stage of the filling process.


The P4 OMNI vision camera with a white WLA area light is set up in an area located immediately after the bottles leave the labeler and continue onto the printer.  The P4 OMNI is completely sealed and made with stainless steel housing.  It was created to have an IP68 rating so it works very well in washdown environments.  This vision camera is also offered with a C-mount lens, which allows for close operating distance between the camera and the bottles. 

To aid in the inspection process, a white work light can provide additional light.  By securing a white WLA light near the P4 OMNI sensor, the bottles are evenly lit and shadows are eliminated.  They also have durable housing that is rated IP69K which makes it suitable for the environment.  By operating the WLA lights near the P4, it creates an environment for stable and uniform inspection that is needed to maintain the high quality of the product.

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