Track Vials Through an Automated Clinical Laboratory

Tracking Vials in Lab Application

Application: Track samples through a laboratory and confirm cap presence

Challenge: Confined and crowded spaces

Solution: WORLD-BEAM® Q12 Series Photoelectric Sensor

Benefits: Compact size and self-contained fixed field sensor for easy installation 

Automating pre- and post-analytical testing laboratories provide hospitals and clinics with consistent and secure sample processing. Installing products to reduce errors and speed up the diagnosis process improves the whole healthcare system. Errors such as incorrect testing or slow report of results would decrease levels of satisfaction and customer care. Methods are needed that can track vials throughout labs to prevent these errors.

Small and Easy-to-Use Self-Contained Sensor

Filled vials are placed onto pucks that carry them throughout the automated laboratory. By using an automated lab, tests are done successfully and provide quick results to doctors and patients. Installing the WORLD-BEAM® Q12 to track pucks throughout the testing process prevent bottlenecks and errors. The Q12s can also be used to verify that caps have been placed onto the vials during post-analytical procedures.

Selecting the WORLD-BEAM Q12 sensor in a laboratory setting works well because it is a miniature self-contained photoelectric sensor that fits into crowded or small spaces. It can be mounted directly on or inside manufacturing equipment without compromising space or influencing lab work.

The Q12 is available as a fixed field sensor and detects items at a specific distance while ignoring anything beyond the programmed range, which makes it ideal for recognizing pucks regardless of color. These sensors also do not need to be adjusted prior to install. This makes setup quick and easy without the need for excessive measurements or downtime for installation. 

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Q12 Series Miniature Self-Contained Sensor
Q12 Series Miniature Self-Contained Sensor

The Q12 is a small sensor with high performance for powerful sensing in confined spaces. Used in short-range with background suppression.

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