Inspection of Stoppers in Vials for Correct Seal

Vial Stopper Inspection Image

Application: Confirming correct position of vial stopper

Challenges: Height of the vials may vary

Solution: iVu Plus TG Gen2

Benefits: Easy configuration using integrated touchscreen, remote touchscreen, or a PC

In the pharmaceutical industry where vials are filled with liquid medication at high-speed, as soon as each vial is filled, a stopper must be properly inserted into the vial. Any misaligned or improperly inserted stoppers can cause messes and potential recalls of product. 

Verify Stopper is Properly Aligned in Vial

To ensure that a stopper is properly inserted as each vial leaves the filling station, an iVu Series sensor—set up for an Area with Motion application—verifies that the vial has a stopper inserted into its neck and that the stopper is positioned correctly to provide a proper seal on the glass vial. If the stopper is missing or incorrectly positioned, then the sensor sends a fail output to the line.

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