Seal and Perforation Detection on Translucent Poly Bags

Polybag Seal Detection Image

Application: Detect perforations on clear plastic bags

Challenges: Clear material can create sensing difficulties

Solution: Banner Engineering's D10 Expert and PIL46U fibers

Benefits: Works well in low contrast environments in order to detect the perforations

Plastic bags are manufactured in a continuous web, with a seal and perforation between bags. Since the plastic is clear, it can be very difficult for traditional sensors to detect the perforations between the plastic bags in order to determine when to separate them.


The D10 Expert and the light-averaging ability of the PIL46U fibers combine to reliably sense the bag seal in low contrast environments.

To ensure the bag is properly separated from the web, the D10 Expert signals the location of the perforation to the separation mechanism, based on the location of the seal; in effect the seal acts as a registration mark.

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