Color Sensor Automates Sorting of Clear and Tinted Bottles

Sorting Bottles by Color Image

Application: Automated sortation of bottles

Challenges: Differentiating between translucent and tinted bottles, high-speed sortation

Solution: Banner Engineering's QC50 Series True Color Sensor

Benefits: Uses filters to scan for the presence up to three colors

In the pictured bottling application, clear and tinted plastic bottles that will be filled with different liquids are moving on the same conveyor at high speeds. They need to be sorted so they can be sent to different lines, ensuring that they are filled and labeled correctly. A solution is needed that can quickly differentiate between the bottles and send them to the appropriate line.


The QC50 Series True Color Sensor uses modulated white light with red, green, and blue electronic filters to scan for the presence of one, two or three colors, enabling the sensor to distinguish between the clear and tinted bottles. Three outputs are available to indicate when each of the colors is detected.

In this application, the QC50 (operating in retroreflective mode) is programmed to detect the clear bottles, which will activate output 1, and the tinted bottles, which will activate output 2. The activated output will then send a signal to deliver the bottles to the appropriate line. The sensor’s fast response time ensures reliable detection and sorting even as the bottles pass at high speeds.

The QC50 is easy to program, and the push buttons can be disabled to ensure the sensor’s settings will not be changed during production. Tolerance levels can be configured to allow for product variation.

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QC50 Series True Color Sensor
QC50 Series True Color Sensor

Color sensors accurately analyze color to color, or varying intensities of one color. Feature easy-to-set programming for one, two or three colors.

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