Toothpaste Registration Mark Verification

Toothpaste Registration Mark Verification Image

Application: Verifying registration marks on toothpaste tubes

Challenges: Different colored marks are used on various toothpaste tubes

Solution: Banner Engineering's R58 Expert registration mark detection sensor

Benefits: The R58 works at a high speed and detects a variety of colors

Toothpaste packaging is a highly-automated, high-speed process where large toothpaste manufacturers can fill and seal up to 180 tubes a minute. With a high-demand product like toothpaste, it is important that the correct toothpaste product is being filled in the correct tube to prevent packaging errors that could result in disposal of thousands of products. Verification of a toothpaste tube’s registration mark ensures that the correct toothpaste is being filled into the correct tube.


As empty tubes go down the manufacturing line, a visible light sensor can verify a toothpaste tube’s registration mark before being filled and sealed. Banner’s high-speed R58 visible light color contrast sensor is an extremely powerful sensor for registration mark applications and can easily read marks on high-gloss and low-contrast surfaces, detecting contrasts as low as two percent over a wide range of colors.

With a simplified TEACH mode using a push button or remote switch, the R58 high color resolution sensor automatically selects the correct LED to optimize contrast when detecting registration marks on toothpaste tubes. If the visible light sensor identifies the wrong shade of blue on the tube, the process can be stopped immediately to prevent costly packaging errors. The R58 also accommodates for web flutter and other variations in the tube’s location.

The orientation of the R58 Expert can be changed, for flexible mounting on production lines. There are also vertical and horizontal light spots available, depending on the model and user need.

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