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iVu BCR Series barcode reader with rotation range detection reads the barcode on medical product packaging and verifies that the package is correctly aligned for heat sealing.

Customer Requirements: Barcode validation with rotation range inspection on medical packaging

Solution: iVu BCR Series imager based barcode reader

Why Banner? Customization – Modified vision sensor enabled barcode orientation detection

Speed – Close customer collaboration led to quick delivery of custom sensor

Simplicity – Intuitive user interface made setting the acceptance angle easy

Customer Benefits

Remote touch screen – Menu-driven tools guide user during inspection setup

Connectivity – Ethernet-enabled sensor offers enhanced control and communication 


A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer produces a diverse range of medical products. Many of their products are individually packaged in sealed pouches. Each pouch has a 1D barcode encoding the product’s identification. Before the product can be shipped the company must validate that the correct barcode is on the pouch and verify that the package is correctly aligned for heat sealing. 


Typically, one barcode reader would be deployed on the production line to validate the barcode while a separate vision system would be used to determine the orientation of the pouch or barcode. The company wanted a single automated system capable of reliably performing both tasks.


Working with the customer, Banner was able to provide a customized iVu BCR Series barcode reader for the application. By adding rotation range detection to the feature set, system operators were able to specify the acceptable barcode orientation anywhere from 5° to 180°. The single pass/fail output of the iVu ensured that only correctly coded and aligned packages would be sent to the heat sealer.

The iVu BCR provided the company with tremendous production flexibility. This high-performance imager based barcode sensor can store up to 30 different inspections and is capable of reading a broad range of 1D and 2D barcodes, including damaged, distorted, and other difficult-to-read codes.

Installation and operation was easy. The compact form factor of the iVu BCR integrated easily into the existing infrastructure. The LCD flat panel touch screen provided an intuitive interface for inspection setup and allowed access to the iVu’s advanced capabilities. 

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iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader

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