Barcode Reading on Pallet

Barcode Reading on Pallet Image

Application: Verification of correct pallet of bottles or cans at depalletizer

Challenges: Must be able to read the barcode at varying range and placement

Solution: Banner Engineering's TCNM laser barcode scanner

Benefits: Range of up to 600mm, Raster and oscillating mirror options for varying placement

Verifying that the correct bottles are introduced eliminates catastrophic failures caused by introduction of the wrong bottle.  Since the pallets vary in size and shape, based on the type of bottle, the range and placement of the barcode will vary.  


The TCNM linear barcode scanner is ready to scan over a dozen industry standard barcodes right out of the box.   We offer various ranges up to a 600mm in both single line laser and raster.  It also includes an intelligent code rebuilding algorithm that combines multiple scans to reconstruct damaged codes and provides an improved read rate.  The oscillating mirror option can be added to improve reliability on varied placement of codes.

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TCNM Series Laser Barcode Scanner
TCNM Series Laser Barcode Scanner

Able to decode over a dozen common linear barcode symbols, the TCNM barcode scanner provides fast read rates, wide depth of field, & high resolution.

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