Robotic Cell Industrial Barcode Inspection

Robotic Cell Industrial Bar Code Inspection Image

Application: Inspection inside a robotic work cell

Challenges: Stopping robotic machinery is difficult and interrupts production

Solution: Banner Engineering's iVu BCR with Remote Display

Benefits: Remote display can be mounted and operational from outside of the work cell

When possible, robots in work cells should not be interrupted if at all possible in order to maintain the highest possible throughput. If inspections need to be performed within the work cell, such as verifying barcodes on boxes placed on a conveyor by the robot, it's best to maintain control from outside the cell.


Since it can be difficult and expensive to stop robotic operations to configure and monitor the barcode inspection process, it's a good idea to install an iVu BCR barcode reader with remote display.

The remote display can be mounted up to 16 m (50 feet) away from the sensor to enable machine operators to easily configure and remotely monitor or troubleshoot the inspection process while the robot is in operation.

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iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader
iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader

The iVu BCR combines advanced barcode reading capabilities with ease of use and is available with a wide range of lens and lighting options.

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