Loading Dock and Mobile Pick-Up Solution Guide

This guide demonstrates how to bind the wireless M-GAGEs, U-GAGEs, and TL70s to the DXM and load a preconfigured XML file and script for up to 24 vehicle detection spots with indication on up to four wireless TL70s. The XML file only requires some minor modifications to be customized for any site.  


Wireless Solutions for Vehicle Detection at Loading Docks

This guide provides the ability to monitor and track a combination of up to 24 M-GAGEs or U-GAGEs through the DXM100 while providing indication through up to four wireless TL70 tower lights with six light segments on each.

Each time a presence is detected, a corresponding tower light segment illuminates and after an optional user-configurable number of minutes changes from a solid light to a flashing light.

The DXM tracks the total time of all vehicle presence, a count the vehicles detected, the average time of vehicle presence, and a current time of vehicle presence that resets to zero upon the vehicle leaving.

The local light indication can save time and money when action is required upon a vehicles arrival. It can also provide overall metrics to track and improve performance of the actions being taken. Application examples include loading docks and mobile pick-up areas.

Features and Benefits

Vehicle Detection Monitor up to 24 M-GAGE sensors, U-GAGE sensors, or a combination of both to detect vehicle presence
Indicate vehicle presence on up to four wireless TL70s with each location turning on one of six light modules on each wireless TL70
Event Counters
Count the number of times each location detected vehicle presence
Total and Average Time 
Track total time at each location and calculate average time at each location using the count
Extended Time Indication
User configurable setting to indicate an extended vehicle presence by changing the solid light on the wireless TL70 to a flashing light
SMS Text / Email Alerts Generate SMS text and/or email alerts based on specific events 
Cloud Monitoring 
Push data to Cloud webserver or PLC (via LAN or cellular) for remote viewing, alerting, and logging.

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