Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) Collision Avoidance

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Rubber tire gantry (RTG) is a crane used in port and mobile equipment industries to transport heavy and cumbersome loads. RTG helps increase efficiency, improve production time, and decrease material handling costs. Since RTG cranes are hauling such large loads, it is vital to ensure they move safely throughout the port area to avoid collisions. A sensing solution is needed to effectively implement collision avoidance for port cranes.


Banner’s radar sensors provide reliable obstacle detection for collision avoidance of RTG port cranes. The Q120RA-AF2 Sensor is an advanced radar technology with a narrow beam pattern, high sensitivity, and long range to help detect obstacles in the way of the RTG.

The R-GAGE sensor emits a well-defined beam of high-frequency radio waves from an internal antenna. Some of this emitted energy is reflected back to the receiving antenna. Signal processing electronics determine the distance from the sensor to the object based on the time delay of the return signal, allowing for reliable obstacle detection.

The R-Gage Q120RA-AF2 operates in Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) telecommunication band with no special licensing required. The rugged housing is rated to IP67 to withstand harsh environments and works in a range from 1 m to over 40 m.

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