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  1. ABR Series barcode readers can now be used to solve even more track and trace applications. New to the series are 2 MP ABR 7000 models offering increased resolution to read smaller codes, read over a larger target area, or at greater distances.

  2. Experience the benefits of In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) on standard safety devices with two normally closed set of contacts—such as mechanical safety switches and panel-mounted E-stops—with the new ISD Connect.

  3. The authorization code that provides access to CDS software is now delivered through email to the end user, helping anyone looking to quickly implement Cloud visualization and analysis tools to their factory floor and serves immediate upgrades for our current customers.

  4. Converting condition monitoring and process sensors to enable OEE initiatives just got easier with the new S15C Series In-Line Converters.

  5. The LC15T In-Line Touch Switch is a sealed, capacitive touch switch that can be connected in-line with many types of DC devices for on/off and PWM control. With a 4-amp output capacity, it can even control the largest of Banner’s DC lights. Its touch device interface and visual status indication make the LC15T an easy-to-use, operator-centric controller.

  6. Compact device providing 360-degree illumination to easily be added to existing components.

  7. The new VE Smart Camera is capable of both inspection and barcode identification in a single device. For applications where both are needed, drastically reduce the number of deployed units by installing a VE Smart Camera.

  8. Banner Engineering’s EZ-SCREEN LS light curtains are now available as independent components to give you the ability to customize your EZ-SCREEN for specific applications via an individual part selection process. Choose your emitter, receiver, and accessories to best solve your requirements. The emitter and receivers are now available for individual sale as “-S” models and can be shipped in 1-2 business days, in most cases, improving delivery to provide faster installation and flexibility to our customers.

  9. An end-to-end occupancy monitoring kit that makes it easy to monitor and control traffic in stores, offices, restrooms, cafeterias, and other enclosed spaces.

  10. Our safety controller software boasts the same icon-based, drag-and-drop interface, but now comes equipped with a pre-configured Press Control function block, as well as three additional features that further expand the controller’s flexibility and power.

  11. Banner has expanded its WLS15 Series of cost-effective LED strip lights to include high-intensity models. These models feature the same sturdy aluminum inner frame and shatter resistant, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shell as other strip lights in the WLS Series, but offer more than twice the lumens per foot of standard WLS15 LED strip lights. They are available in cascadable and stand-alone models and come in lengths ranging from 360 mm to 1200 mm.

  12. The Q5X Series has expanded from a 2 m triangulation sensor to include a time-of-flight sensor with an extended sensing range and an application-specific jam detection model to reliably detect jams on conveyor lines.

  13. The Q76 is a wide beam retroreflective sensor that detects the leading edge of challenging, non-uniform targets. Easy to setup and use, the Q76 has a visible red beam to simplify alignment and two bright, multifunction LED lights for status indication. With a range of up to 4 meters, the Q76 provides users with tremendous flexibility.

  14. The LM series has been a very successful addition to Banner Engineering’s laser measurement sensor portfolio. With micron level resolution, excellent performance on challenging targets like shiny metal, and extremely high excess gain for detection of the darkest targets, the LM has proven to be a problem-solving sensor that reliably solves application challenges for many industries.

  15. Banner's 360-degree illuminated E-Stop buttons are now available with In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) technology, giving you access to device-level data and making it even easier to troubleshoot when a button is activated.

  16. The K30 Pro Series has expanded to include additional communication capabilities with IO-Link and PICK-IQ ®. Both K30 Pro Indicator and Pro Touch 30 mm multicolor RGB devices are now available with either IO-Link communication for advanced animation customization or PICK-IQ for faster response speeds over a Modbus network.

  17. The TL50 Pro tower light with USB interface gives full access to color, flashing, rotating, and dimming settings, enabling dynamic responses to changing conditions. With 14 colors in a single segment and a range of unique animations, users can easily create custom displays to clearly communicate almost any condition.

  18. Banner Engineering has developed end-to-end solution kits that make it very easy to establish a rigorous cleaning routine, maintain sanitary conditions, and verify compliance by collecting detailed information from work stations, meeting rooms, and throughout the facility.

  19. Banner’s Through-the-Roller sensor bar provides reliable detection with reduced installation time and cost. It reliably detects very thin or irregular objects from between the conveyor rollers. The TTR features quick installation of up to seven diffuse sensors spaced across the conveyor width.

  20. Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) is a way to digitally represent an analog measurement value from a sensor. Banner Engineering’s Pulse Pro I/O technology simplifies the connection between the sensor and an indicator or controller. Pulse Pro I/O solves a wide variety of applications and localizes clear information for fast visibility and response.

  21. Measure and monitor temperature of key areas and processes with Banner’s newest Q45 All-in-One device, the Q45TA Thermistor node. The Q45TA combines a temperature sensor probe with the field-proven, wireless SureCross architecture in one device.

  22. The DBRQ Rechargeable Demo Box is a 24 V DC rechargeable demonstration device for use with sensors, touch buttons, push buttons, indicators, and task lights. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery for long-term, repeated use. The battery box features 1.4 A output capacity for easy demonstration of Banner devices, including higher current task lights. There are five on-off-momentary rocker switches for control of device inputs.

  23. SC10 Series safety controllers now feature In-Series Diagnostics (ISD), an advanced communication protocol that makes it easy to troubleshoot machine safety systems, prevent system faults, and reduce equipment downtime.

  24. H10 Series MutiHop data radios make it easy and cost-effective to monitor multiple sensing points on equipment spread out over long distances.

  25. Wireless Solutions Kits for Vibration and Temperature monitoring make it easy to deploy predictive maintenance solutions with the versatility and extended range capabilities possible with MultiHop networks.

  26. The VSM-2 Series Sensor in stainless-steel housing builds on the features and capabilities first introduced in the obsoleted VSM series. Ideal for small spaces, the VSM-2 can be easily embedded into machines for simple integration. It provides increased sensing range, a visible red beam to simplify alignment, and a dual-color LED indicator for clear indication of sensor status.

  27. The K50 Pro Series of devices has expanded to include additional communication capabilities with IO-Link and PICK-IQ ® and optical and mechanical actuation. Each of these 50 mm multicolor RGB devices are now available with either IO-Link communication for advanced animation customization or PICK-IQ for faster response speeds over a Modbus network.

  28. The SLE5 is a rugged, industrial label detection sensor. Its high performance, fast switching frequency, and compact housing are ideal for labeling machines. The SLE5 can detect single layer as well as multilayer booklet labels, such as coupons or instructions commonly used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

  29. Banner is expanding its offering of the WLS27 Series Strip Light to include programmable models with RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination and inspection applications. These new models will be programmable with Banner’s Pro Editor software or IO-Link communication.

  30. Banner’s WLB72 Inspection is a very bright LED luminaire that features an even light output for a no glare glow. This LED light bar uses advanced LED technology to provide a high-quality and maintenance free industrial lighting solution. The unique lensing provides a dark-to-light-to-dark transition on a vehicle surface suitable for detailed inspection tasks.

  31. The DQ12 product line of versatile, compact sensors now includes expanded models that deliver powerful sensing performance in extremely confined areas. The new models feature increased sensing range for greater application range or higher reliability due to increased light output.

  32. The Direct Select™ is a multifunction wireless operator interface that can be used to send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, monitor equipment, and more.

  33. The Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit harnesses the power of PICK-IQ devices, is simple to mount and install, and improves picking sequences.

  34. 13 Nov 2019

    Reduce setup time for multiple safety controllers and simplify device swapout using the SC-XM3 external drive to configure SC26 and XS26 safety controllers.

  35. The QS18E is now available with superior light immunity, crosstalk avoidance, and IO-Link communication.

  36. Solve a wider range of track and trace applications using iVu BCR Series barcode readers. Algorithms included in the latest firmware for the iVu BCR Series improve the decoding capabilities of these imager-based barcode readers.

  37. The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator is a two color indicator light that indicates power and output status. Its inline connection, over-molded design and bright indicate create a cost-effective solution that can be applied to most - or 5-pin devices with an output.

  38. QM30VT Series vibration and temperature sensors offer exceptional levels of accuracy and are housed in heavy-duty, ultracompact enclosures.

  39. The WLB72 Basic strip light is a bright, high-efficacy LED task light for use in industrial work areas. The WLB72 enhances overall visibility, improves worker productivity, and reduces energy costs in a variety of applications requiring bright, uniform illumination.

  40. Banner's wireless Q45VA sensor measures RMS velocity and temperature and sends that information to a DXM wireless controller or wireless gateway over a secure, robust Sure Cross® wireless network.

  41. Features included in the latest version of Vision Manager software make it easy to integrate VE Series smart cameras into vision guided robotic (VGR) systems, correct distortions caused by camera perspective, and monitor inspections remotely.

  42. CM Series condition monitoring nodes make it easy to monitor electric motors on three critical indicators of performance and health without using wired infrastructure to connect devices.

  43. New models of K50 Pro touch buttons offer the same bright light output, ergonomic touch functionality, and robust housing as the rest of the line, now with the addition of vibration feedback when the button has been touched.

  44. The QCM50 color sensor provides reliable color verification across the entire range of the sensor, even in extremely challenging color- and contrast-based applications.

  45. The Wireless Solutions Kit for Temperature and Humidity makes it easy to monitor environmental conditions in multiple places from a convenient location.

  46. SI-RF Series safety switches utilize RFID technology to monitor doors, gates, and other movable mechanical safeguards that separate personnel and equipment from a hazard.

  47. The QS18 and Q20 Series of photoelectric sensors are now available in diffuse models with a small, visible spot for detecting the presence/absence of small features on a larger part.

  48. Banner Engineering’s new WLS27 segmented strip lights provide basic indication capabilities in a multicolor strip light and are available in several length and color combinations. Unlike WLS27 strip lights with EZ-STATUS®, the new WLS27 segmented models are meant specifically for indication purposes and are not intended for illumination.

  49. The Q130R radar sensor provides reliable detection of moving and stationary targets in harsh outdoor conditions. The graphical user interface makes the sensor easy to set up and provides precise control of sensor settings.

  50. SC10 Series safety controllers replace the functionality of two safety relay modules with one cost-effective device featuring an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostics.

  51. TL50 Pro tower lights are now available in models compatible with Pro Editor software for in-field customization of colors and animations without requiring IO-Link communication. Like the previously released IO-Link models, the new Pro Editor models provide highly visible indication of dynamic machine statuses including warm-up, transitional states, material level, and more.

  52. The dual-color WLS15 low-profile strip light is a durable yet lightweight device that now has EZ-STATUS® capabilities for illumination and indication in one light fixture. These cascadable lights are a cost-effective alternative for machines or workstation bin and shelf lighting.

  53. SR-IM Series interface modules provide an interface between primary safety devices with External Device Monitoring (EDM) and the machines they safeguard.

  54. The SX5-B is a compact, easy-to-deploy safety laser scanner for area and access guarding within user-defined safety and warning zones.

  55. The PTL110 series pick-to-light is a cascadable pick point device that incorporates aspects of a touch sensor, optical sensor, three-digit display, and multicolor indicator. The versatile next-generation pick-to-light device improves productivity and quality.

  56. The DXM700 Wireless Controller is an industrial wireless controller that facilitates Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

  57. The Q5X background suppression laser sensor extends Banner Engineering’s portfolio of powerful, problem-solving sensors in a cost-effective device with industry-standard rectangular housing. The new best-in-class laser triangulation sensor features a range from 9.5 cm to 2 m, is easy to use, and provides reliable detection of the most challenging targets.

  58. The bright, sealed HLS27 LED strip light is a versatile illumination option for Division 2, Zone 2 and Zone 22 hazardous locations.

  59. ABR Series barcode readers decode the most difficult 1D and 2D barcodes to solve the broadest range of track and trace applications. They have an all-in-one design that simplifies installation in any location and are available in two compact form factors.

  60. QS18 Expert photoelectric sensors are now available with IO-Link—enabling powerful benefits in a compact, cost-effective, and versatile sensor family.

  61. The newest Q120 pendant features two discrete inputs and a wireless node that enables two-way communication between the user and remote and mobile devices.

  62. The IP67-rated sealed LED ring light for the VE Series smart camera provides bright, uniform illumination for applications in challenging environmental conditions.

  63. iVu Series image sensors and barcode readers can now be setup, managed, and monitored using a PC, laptop, or a touchscreen.

  64. The Wireless Solutions Kit for tank monitoring and the Q45UA all-in-one tank level sensor simplify the monitoring of remote and mobile tanks, totes, and containers.

  65. The Connected Data Solutions software is a cloud-based platform that allows users to visualize, create alerts, store, and analyze critical data collected by Banner's wired and wireless devices.

  66. K50 Pro Series touch buttons now have more flexibility with RGB technology combined with Pro Editor configuration capabilities.

  67. The new LM Series of laser measurement sensors offers best-in-class performance with superior stability, reliability, and precision for real world targets.

  68. The TL30 Basic is a compact, cost-effective tower light that provides easy-to-see operator guidance and status indication on small machines and in areas where staff work in close proximity to equipment.

  69. OS80 Operator Stations enable non-safety run/start, stop, and bypass functions on a wide range of equipment.

  70. Pro Editor software expands the custom indication capabilities of S22 Pro Series flush mount indicators and illuminated touch buttons.

  71. A fully integrated solution to easily monitor and collect performance data from motors, fans, pumps, compressors, and similar equipment.

  72. Banner’s shortest, most compact safety light curtain. This Type 4 system is available in models for finger detection or hand detection.

  73. iVu Series Vision Sensors are now available in models capable of color inspections. iVu Color Sensors enable inspections based on color or variations in color, as well as based on type, size, orientation, or position.

  74. Banner Engineering’s newest addition to the popular QS18 Series product family is an electronic adjustable field background suppression sensor with barrel mount. Electronic adjustment provides a more robust optical design by eliminating moving parts, such as lenses.

  75. The T18-2 Series sensors have a higher level of performance in harsh, washdown environments and are made of FDA-grade, shatterproof plastic housing. Ultrasonically welded joints create a better seal and resists thermal shock.

  76. WLS28-2 multicolor strip light is now available with EZ-STATUS for illumination and indication in one device. The WLS27 strip light is also now available with heavy diffuse windows for a more uniform light distribution.

  77. 27 Jun 2018

    Mute arm kits for LS safety light curtains are designed to make it easy to add muting capabilities to any safeguarding application requiring arm, hand, or finger detection.

  78. The SAB Sensor Array Bar uses multiple QS18 sensors inside heavy-duty aluminum array bars for reliable detection and easy alignment on conveyors and chutes.

  79. K50U Series wireless ultrasonic sensors are now available in models for use in small tanks, totes, barrels, and 55-gallon drums.

  80. 9 May 2018

    Protect personnel from injury and equipment from damage by detecting a body, torso, or object entering a hazardous area.

  81. 8 Mar 2018

    Cost-effective models for large deployments & price-sensitive applications.