Increase Drive-Thru Business with Wireless Vehicle Detection System [Success Story]

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Customer Requirements: Monitor and improve drive-thru speed of service at quick serve restaurants.

Solution: Wireless M-GAGE™ nodes and DXM series wireless controller, combined with a suite of analytical software packages designed by Techknow to improve restaurant operational performance.

Why Banner? Simple Design – M-GAGE nodes are fully potted and sealed with the sensor and other components inside for a completely wireless solution. A DXM100 controller seamlessly monitors products on the network.

Easy to Install – Minimally intrusive system replaces inductive loops and eliminates the need for cables, mounting equipment, and other accessories.

Customer Benefits

Affordable – Techknow’s drive-thru monitoring system, featuring Banner’s M-GAGE and DXM100 controller, is an affordable all-inclusive solution that is easy to install and does not require invasive alterations to infrastructure and expensive cable runs.

Cloud Based System – Wireless nodes and controller work directly with the store’s network and are a key step in building a cloud-based “smart restaurant.” 


Fast food restaurants rely heavily on their drive-thru service and earn much of their revenue from drive-thru sales. Streamlining the drive-thru process in quick serve restaurants (QSR) can increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Techknow is a drive-thru systems and analytics integrator that design and manufacture drive-thru order confirmation systems and drive-thru timer systems for the quick serve restaurant industry. Techknow works to improve the communication between clients and their customers in order to improve service speeds and increase profit.  By introducing innovative technology that can help improve drive-thru processes, a wireless solution from Banner and TechKnow enhances customers’ QSR experiences and positively impacts a drive-thru's bottom line. 


When drive-thru ordering lanes get backed up it is very common to lose customers to other nearby restaurants, especially during peak rush hours. Maintaining a consistent turnover in drive-thru windows generates more customers, increases profits, and improves customer experience.

Most QSR facilities use inductive loop systems for vehicle detection, which is costly and requires significant downtime for installation and maintenance. Drive-thru lanes will often be closed or re-routed during installation, which reduces sales and can result in a negative customer experience.

Loop systems can be expensive depending on the demands of the application. More ordering stations require additional product and cables to run back to the restaurant. The QSR industry is very competitive, and any extra costs can make a big difference to profitability.

Installations that require intrusive alterations to infrastructure can add significant expense to a system deployment. Tearing out and replacing concrete or asphalt can be costly, and digging large holes to bury inductive loops in the ground can lead to uneven surfaces or potholes in the future.


In an effort to create a competitive motivational tool that improves overall performance and sales, Techknow created a timer system that monitors drive-thru wait times and compares them to other stores within the same franchise. Wait times from each store are presented on leaderboards and top stores receive rewards for short wait times.

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Techknow installed Banner Engineering’s wireless M-GAGE nodes at each ordering station and drive-thru window to keep track of vehicles as they move through the lanes at quick serve restaurants. The gathered information is then sent to a DXM100 wireless controller.

Using wireless products eliminates the need for costly cable runs. The low cost of the nodes, in addition to the overall savings from deployment, makes it possible to install units at numerous locations without significantly raising the costs.  

The M-GAGE nodes are compact, fully potted and sealed, easy-to-use devices all of which simplifies the installation process. This also minimizes damage to the ground and creates less infrastructure problems after installation is completed. 

Cloud-Based System

Techknow created this drive-thru monitoring system to be one part of a whole smart restaurant design. The wireless products work as part of a cloud-based system and present QSR franchises with the capability to create a simplified, network-based ordering system and pickup service. Installing a drive-thru performance system sets the stage for future expansion as business grows. 

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Improving customer turnover time in the QSR industry plays a very big part in increasing revenue for stores and franchises. Comparing and displaying wait times in franchised stores encourages employees to work more efficiently and increase the number of drive-thru sales.

The wireless M-GAGE nodes and DXM controllers are part of Techknow’s timer system that detects vehicles and tracks them as they travel through the line, displaying each wait time on a franchise-wide leaderboard for employees to see and compete for rewards and additional benefits. 

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