Palletizer Solutions for Food Packaging

Once cases are filled with packaged food and appropriately labeled, they need to be organized onto pallets to prepare for delivery to stores. Robotic palletizers are a popular and efficient option for this process. Robots move cases from the line and stack them on a pallet in a specified order.

Laser distance sensors work well for robot registration. As the robot moves into position, sensors are needed to locate the pallets before cases can be stacked. These sensors measure different distances instead of one fixed distance. Cases come in a variety of sizes which means the distances between robots and pallets varies frequently.


Safety light screens are critical in the palletizer area. Robotic palletizers are very large and  and their movement could cause injury, making personnel protection necessary. Banner Engineering offers light curtains with muting options to prevent pallets from triggering machine stop at entry and exit points. Muting light screens make sure that the packaging process is not interrupted but still protects any people that may enter the area.