Heat Stake Machine Safeguarding

Heat Stake Machine Safeguarding Image

Application: Complete safeguarding coverage of a heat stake machine

Challenges: Requires both horizontal and vertical protection

Solution: EZ-SCREEN Safety Light Curtains

Benefits: Multiple light screens can be cascaded to work as one safety system

Equipment presenting hazards that can cause injury to personnel must be appropriately safeguarded. Typically, Tier 1 users will specify in their equipment standards the general requirements machine builders must follow to comply with corporate and regulatory standards. In a wide variety of machine designs it is most effective to use safety light screens to guard openings where operators feed and remove parts. In many cases multiple openings must be safeguarded.

As is common with light screen applications, the solution requires a horizontal and vertical light screen at each station to ensure complete protection of the operator.


In this example, two sides of a heat stake machine require guarding because of separate operator load and unload stations. On each side of the station, two safety light screens protect workers; one with a 48" vertical light screen for area guarding and one with a 12" inclined light screen to guard the point of operation where the tool is loaded and unloaded. These two light screens are "cascaded" with light screens on the other side of the work cell to work as one safety system to provide one redundant relay solution in the control panel for all light screen segments.

Banner’s EZ-SCREEN safety light screen system is a compact and robust solution suitable for use in any manufacturing environment. It offers a full compliment of features which include alignment bar graph and alpha numerical system status display, trip/latch function select, fixed and floating blanking, and a cascading option which allows up to four segments to be connected in series.

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14 & 30 mm Resolution Safety Light Curtains
14 & 30 mm Resolution Safety Light Curtains

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