Lower-Risk Machine Guarding: Carousel

Lower-Risk Machine Gaurding: Carousel Image

Application: Safeguarding machine that could cause superficial injuries

Challenges: Need to detect hands or fingers

Solution: Banner Engineering's Type 2 EZ-SCREEN Safety Light Screens

Benefits: Resolution is small enough to the operator's hands and fingers

To protect personnel from a machine that can cause slight injuries with a safety light screen


The Type 2 EZ-SCREEN safety light screen protects hands and fingers from being bumped, bruised, or pinched by the moving parts of a carousel.

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Type 2 Safety Light Curtains
Type 2 Safety Light Curtains

Type 2 safety light curtains are a cost-effective light curtain safety solution for guarding lower-risk applications, where the result of an accident is only a slight injury. Type 2 light curtains feature a large field of view and use fault exclusion to ensure the integrity of safeguarding.

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