Safe Material Access

Safe Material Access Image

Application: Guarding access zones to a hazardous area

Challenges: Assembly parts must be able to flow into work area without stopping machine

Solution: EZ-SCREEN Safety Light Curtains

Benefits: Light screens have a muting ability to allow the passage of material

To prevent operator injury by guarding open access zones to the hazardous area, while allowing parts and material to flow into the work area. This configuration is designed to protect personnel while increasing productivity.


In this application, a hazardous work cell is completely guarded to prevent personnel from entering the area. In order to allow parts and material to flow into the area efficiently, entry and exit zones will be left open.

The EZ-SCREEN safety light screen is positioned in front of these zones and will stop the hazardous motion of the machine if an operator tries to reach or enter through these areas. This application requires the muting option of the EZ-SCREEN safety light screen curtain; sensors positioned to detect the moving part within a prescribed sequence and time will 'mute' the light screens while the part moves through the guarded access area, and will make the lighted screens active once the part has cleared the guarded zone. Parts are allowed to flow efficiently in and out of the area while the personnel is protected from the hazards.

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