Safeguarding Access Points to a Depalletizer

LS Safety Light Screen with Muting Image

Application: Safeguarding access points to a depalletizer without disrupting the flow of pallets

Challenges: Complicated wiring and installation of multiple muting sensors in a confined space. Programming muting logic and managing complex safety functions.

Solution: LS Series safety light curtains with T-configuration mute arm kit, an XS26-2 safety controller, a K30 indicator light, and a K50 indicator light


  • Heavy-duty build withstands impact and other environmental challenges
  • Preassembled mute arm kits simplify installation and enable rapid deployment
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface simplifies system configuration and management

Protecting Personnel and Maintaining Productivity

All points of access to a depalletizer must be safeguarded to prevent staff from coming into contact with the hazardous motion of the machine. Safety light curtains with muting capabilities ensure that access points are protected while enabling a free flow of loaded pallets to the depalletizer. These systems require multiple muting sensors to detect the approach of a pallet, complicating system installation, configuration, alignment, and management.

Resisting Impact and Other Environmental Challenges

An LS Series safety light curtain with a mute arm kit in T-configuration combined with an XS26 Series safety controller is an effective and easy-to-implement solution that protects staff from potential hazards without disrupting the flow of pallets to the depalletizer.

LS Series safety light curtains are available in models capable of detecting an arm, hand, or finger entering a hazardous area. They have a heavy-duty aluminum housing with metal end caps and a recessed window to withstand impact with pallets and other hazards typically associated with packaging equipment. A K30 indicator light installed on top of the receiver shines green for normal operation and changes to red if any of the beams of the light curtain are blocked.

Simplifying Installation, Configuration, and System Management

The mute arm kit features retroreflective muting sensors and retroreflectors mounted on an easy-to-install metal frame. Plug-and-play cables eliminate the hassle of individually wiring multiple muting sensors. It is directly fastened to the safety light curtain and adjusts easily to accommodate changing requirements.

Banner’s XS26 expandable safety controller features an intuitive programming environment with graphical user interface and drag-and-drop operation, making it easy to configure mute functions and manage the entire system. This versatile safety controller is capable of monitoring multiple safety and non-safety input devices and can be configured to send status signals to a K50 indicator light which will shine bright yellow when the light curtain is in a muted state.

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