Monitoring Flow of Transparent Plastic Bottles on a Conveyor

Clear Plastic Bottle Detection Image

Application: Monitor conveyor to ensure there are no stuck bottles

Challenges: Sensing field covers a large amount of area

Solution: The Clear Plastic EZ-ARRAY

Benefits: Monitors a larger area than single point sensors

To ensure that when bottles are placed on the conveyor, there is not a downed or stuck bottle in the placement area. This prevents damage to the bottle handling equipment, as well as potential jams further down the conveyor.


Banner’s Clear Plastic EZ-ARRAY is designed to monitor an area of the conveyor that single point sensors cannot. With its polarized technology, discrete outputs can be used as an alarm to notify the bottle handling equipment controls that there is an obstruction on the conveyor. (Models featuring clear plastic technology are designated with “CP” in the model number, for example EA5E150CPQ or EA5R150xxxMODCPQ)

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